Courage to Execute Business Management Book

Courage to Execute


James D. Murphy

Published: 2014

The U.S. military in general, and its many elite organizations in particular, possess a culture of high performance. Courage to Execute outlines the six basic principles... Read More


Courage to Execute Business Management Book

Down Range

A Transitioning Veteran's Career Guide to Life's Next Phase

James D. Murphy & William M. Duke

Published: 2013


In 2013, members of the Afterburner team developed an unprecedented career planning program for transitioning veterans called the Military Leader Transition Seminar. Designed as a preparation framework, the program empowers... Read More


The Debrief Imperative - Business Management Book

The Debrief Imperative 

James D. Murphy and William M. Duke

Published: 2011

For the last 50 years, elite U.S. Fighter Pilots and Special Operations teams have discovered and used a secret to continuous improvement - a tool every enterprise can benefit from. This is the disciplined and effective debrief... Read More


Flawless Execution Business Management Book

Flawless Execution

James D. Murphy

Published: 2005


Flawless Execution is the ultimate guide to improving organizational operations—the fighter pilot way! At Mach 2, the instrument panel of an F-15 is screaming out information, the horizon is a blur, the wingman is occupied, the jet is hanging on the edge... Read More


Flawless Execution Field Manual - Business Management Book

Flawless Execution Field Manual

James D. Murphy and William M. Duke

Published: 2009


Take a lesson in business leadership from a fighter pilot and learn how America's military fighter pilots and senior leaders achieve strategic and tactical alignment, teamwork, continuously improve, adapt, and collaborate to... Read More


Business Is Combat Business Management Book

Business Is Combat

James D. Murphy

Published: 2000

Whether you're engaging in supersonic jet combat at 48,000 feet or entering a tough sales battle with a cutthroat competitor, the goal is the same: absolute victory. In Business is Combat, former F-15 pilot James D. Murphy, offers a full-scale training course... Read More