Continuous Improvement



Driving Continuous Process Improvement

Being close to something doesn’t always give you the best view of it. It often takes another set of eyes—standing at a distance—to bring it all into focus. When you entrust that responsibility to our team, you get a different perspective—and a solution. Each of our Executive Consultants at Afterburner has achieved continuous process improvement toward the highest level of performance both in the military and in business, bringing unrivaled expertise and commitment to your 2015 continuous improvement initiatives.

Whether you are considering the possibility of a new process of record or just starting your journey to continuous improvement, our Execution Consultants will train you to leverage the Flawless Execution methodology to meet your needs.





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"The Afterburner team and their Flawless Execution `PLAN — BRIEF — EXECUTE — DEBRIEF' methodology have taken the Pfizer sales approach and promoted new levels of accountability & improvement."

Team Leader, Rheumotology


"…We are still feeling the effects of the Flawless Execution model of 'Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief,' and I am very impressed with the way [it] has changed the way we do business and stayed with our sales force even months after the fact." 

Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing


"Our people talked about your presentation all weekend and you made a tremendous impact on our outside salespeople and managers. We have used outside speakers for many years and I honestly don't think that we've ever had any that were so prepared or as appropriate."


Vice President

"...Our attendees were definitely equipped with new strategies and tactics to improve team work, thwart channelizing and minimize task saturation in the workplace." 

Senior Director, Office of Events Management








Continuous Process Improvement