Developing A Great Strategy Is One Thing,
Executing It Is Everything

As current and former elite military professionals experienced in executing in zero-tolerance-for-error environments, our Executive Consultants know how to align execution across diverse teams, and can demonstrate how you can do the same in today's rapidly changing business environments. Task SaturationSM, competing priorities, communication challenges, and organizational silos are just some of our clients' execution challenges that create execution gaps or, what we call, X-GapsSM.

To succeed, your teams must know how to identify and mitigate performance-draining Task Saturation. You do this by improving Situational Awareness and Mutual Support, utilizing Cross-Checks, Checklists and many other tools and techniques in the Flawless Execution tool kit. Our Executive Consultants will facilitate the application of these tools and techniques to improve execution, close X-Gaps and accelerate performance throughout your organization.





with the Afterburner team











"Our goal was to create alignment with our global operations, and Afterburner helped us do just that...We are beginning to use these tools and look forward to building on them with future leadership workshops."


Senior Vice President, Worldwide Operations

"Our people talked about your presentation all weekend and you made a tremendous impact on our outside salespeople and managers. We have used outside speakers for many years and I honestly don't think that we've ever had any that were so prepared or as appropriate."

Vice President


"The Afterburner team and their Flawless Execution `PLAN — BRIEF — EXECUTE — DEBRIEF' methodology have taken the Pfizer sales approach and promoted new levels of accountability & improvement."

Team Leader, Rheumotology


"...Our attendees were definitely equipped with new strategies and tactics to improve team work, thwart channelizing and minimize task saturation in the workplace."

Senior Director, Office of Events Management