Strategy Made Simple

Strategic business planning is about designing the future. It's about identifying your competitive advantages, then developing those competitive advantages for optimal leveraging within your market. Your ability to identify and exert influence on a concentrated selection of Critical Leverage Points to achieve your objectives is the key to developing a stronger strategy that can withstand first contact with the enemy: your environment.

But today's complex, rapidly changing market creates an environment where it's not enough to simply develop a great strategy, your organization must be prepared to shift or pivot your strategic business planning efforts rapidly to adapt to uncontrollable events or capitalize on new opportunities. Flawless Execution equips you with the tools to develop a strategy that designs your future while providing the organizational framework to achieve it.

While none of us can create the future, those who've developed strategic business plans that put men and women in harm’s way go to great lengths to bend the future to their will. An organization's ability to identify and exert influence on its critical leverage points ensures that future becomes reality. If your strategy ignores your critical leverage points, you are not alone, and our Executive Consultants can help.





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"Our goal was to create alignment with our global operations, and Afterburner helped us do just that...We are beginning to use these tools and look forward to building on them with future leadership workshops."


Senior Vice President, Worldwide Operations

"Our people talked about your presentation all weekend and you made a tremendous impact on our outside salespeople and managers. We have used outside speakers for many years and I honestly don't think that we've ever had any that were so prepared or as appropriate."


Vice President

"The Afterburner team and their Flawless Execution `PLAN — BRIEF — EXECUTE — DEBRIEF' methodology have taken the Pfizer sales approach and promoted new levels of accountability & improvement."


Team Leader, Rheumotology

"...Our attendees were definitely equipped with new strategies and tactics to improve team work, thwart channelizing and minimize task saturation in the workplace."


Senior Director, Office of Events Management