Industry Specializations

Because Flawless Execution is a fundamental performance and process improvement methodology, there are no limits to its applicability regardless of industry or organizational function. Since its founding in 1996, Afterburner has worked with the broadest spectrum from small, privately owned businesses to large Fortune 500 and Global 2000 corporations and Federal Government agencies. Some of our experiences include working with:

  • Business Operations: manufacturing, retail, financial, call centers and other services
  • Heavy Industry: oil & gas, mining, and metal production
  • Sales Organizations
  • Project Management
  • Organizational and Strategic Planning
  • Professional Athletics
  • Healthcare and healthcare administration
  • Youth Programs
  • Non-profits and professional organizations
  • Federal Agencies

Our Client List

Oil & Gas

What does a Fighter Pilot know about safety excellence? Afterburner’s Fighter Pilots, Nuclear Aircraft Carrier Commanders & Navy SEALs possess a unique understanding of the volatile environment your teams operate in every day.

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Our Mission is to Improve Patient Safety. Afterburner's objective is to provide Flawless Execution℠ as the enabling process (process of record) your physicians, nurses and administrative teams utilize to improve patient safety. We work to reduce...

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Meetings & Events

A/V teams, client POC’s, vendors, stakeholders—the number of teams that can be involved in any one event can be enough to start a small army—or riot if things don’t go as planned. With an infinite number of limiting factors that far surpass...

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