10 FEB | It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It: Four Ways to Improve Your Training ROI

Think back to your last on-the-job training or even back to your college days—what comes to mind? For many of us... Continue reading

04 FEB | Run for Remembrance

Executive Consultant Joe "Gusto" Connolly leads a team in a month-long mission to draw support for transitioning veterans... Continue reading

15 JAN | Afterburner Turns 20: A Message From Founder & CEO, Jim "Murph" Murphy

Hello! Jim "Murph" Murphy here, proud founder & CEO of a twenty year old company. Twenty years. Two decades. Half of my... Continue reading

06 JAN | Setting the Tone in 2016

By Jim "Murph" Murphy

Combat is a world of high-stress and low margin for error that is fueled by adrenaline. The manner in which military aviators... Continue reading

05 JAN | FLEXible Meetings: How Flawless Execution (FLEX) Can Keep Your Meetings on the Road to Success

By Tom "Mad Dog" Friend

Meetings matter because they are the heartbeat of an organization's culture. They are the time and settings in which teams have... Continue reading

09 DEC | Lessons Learned From the Field: Actionable Insights for High Performing Teams

It takes a strong team and a mission-first mentality to hold a nameless, rankless debrief but once your team experiences the power of... Continue reading

17 NOV | The Drumbeat of Execution: Why Rhythm Matters in High-Performing Teams

Take two metronomes and place them at opposite ends of a room. Set them in motion and watch what happens. Both tick away in each... Continue reading

11 NOV | Got Veterans? Five Key Areas of Impact for Military Leadership in Your Business

Over the last two decades, a significant shift in military strategy has given rise to a generation of elite military professionals whose... Continue reading

05 OCT  | 16 Reasons Why You Need Flawless Execution in 2016

Not sure if FLEXSM is the right solution for your 2016 mission? Here are 16 signs we have your key to a successful 2016... Continue reading

22 SEP  | The Strategic Corporal

Long before strategic execution became one of the top concerns of business leaders and even before a very real... Continue reading

15 SEP  | How Flawless Execution (FLEX) Accelerates DevOps Transformation

DevOps (short for development and operations) is a business driven software development approach that uses a.... Continue reading

09 SEP  | Audentes Fortuna Iuvat: How a Great Mission Plan Builds the Courage to Execute

Inaction is one of the most vexing problems in modern organizations. It's rarely appropriate to wait until the optimal course of action... Continue reading

07 AUG  |  Going the Distance

An interview with Afterburner Executive Consultant and recent Distinguished Graduate of the U.S. Army War College, Patrick "Lips" Houlahan... Continue reading

03 AUG  |  The Mindful Team

It has been 26 years since the publication of Ellen J. Langer's groundbreaking work, Mindfulness. Although powerful in its impact upon the management and cognitive sciences, few leaders have even a simple... Continue reading

07 JUL  |  Time For Pie: Improving Collaboration

Have you ever been invited to a brainstorming or collaboration meeting and felt like you weren’t contributing your best ideas? Perhaps later that evening... Continue Reading  

28 MAY  |  Decision Making Under Fire: How's Your Situational Awareness?

Have you ever noticed how some people handle stressful decision making with remarkable composure? While it could be great... Continue reading

17 APR  |  Improving Culture, Building Leaders: Four Steps to Effective Leadership With Flawless ExecutionSM

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but what does it take to develop a leader? Debates weigh natural ability versus purposeful development but the truth of the matter is that both are key...Continue reading

07 MAR  |  Change Leadership Solved: It's Just Leadership

First there was change management, where organizations tried to temper the unpredictable forces of change through structured processes and rigid management styles. Then there was change leadership...Continue reading

03 FEB  |   Where Continuous Improvement Ends and Flawless Execution Begins

The idea of continuous improvement is one that has made the rounds in organizations of all sizes and types since before the mid-twentieth century, bringing processes like Six Sigma, Lean...Continue reading

19 JAN  |  Agile Marketing: Your 8-Step Super Bowl Game Plan

This year’s Super Bowl match-up is yet another chance for old school to be schooled by new knowledge. In less than two weeks we will know if a legendary heavyweight is able to capture...Continue reading

11 DEC 2014  |  STEALTH DebriefSM: The Ultimate Performance Review

Now that you're aware of all the Pros of Debriefing, you're likely wondering how to go about conducting one. The process of Debriefing is as important as the Lessons Learned that...Continue reading

17 NOV 2014  |  The Pros of Debriefing (Because We Couldn't Think of Any Cons)

It happens time and time again. A project or endeavor comes to an end, be it successful or otherwise, and the team...does what? Of course, the "what next" is generally determined...Continue reading

08 OCT 2014  |  Mutual Support and the Wingman Concept

Mutual support, what military teams call the “Wingman” concept, is a collection of teamwork principles that have proven to be highly effective in developing high-performing teams. Mutual support is less about...Continue reading

07 AUG 2014 |  Six Ways to Fight Task Saturation

Task Saturation is nothing new. Overflowing inboxes, full schedules and mounting priorities have become a way of life for many professionals today–and there lies the problem. Today’s businesses have...Continue reading

09 JUL 2014  |  The Step You Might Be Forgetting (or Just Don't Know)

Deadlines are extended numerous times, Task Saturation smothers productivity, or contingencies occur without notice, leaving the team scrambling to recover...Continue reading

14 MAY 2014  |  Infographic: Create the Future

While you can't predict the future, you can create it. Complexity and an accelerating rate of change have formed an unforgiving battle field in the fight for market share. Your team has...View Infographic

07 MAR 2014  |  The Six Steps of Combat Mission Planning


In February we defined it and in March we described it. Now, as the anticipation has reached a dull roar, we will tell you how to do it (at least, how we think you should do it)...Continue reading

06 MAR 2014  |  The 13 Elements of Great Planning

Last month in Planning: What it is Why We Do It, and What Great Planning Looks Like, we revealed the in’s and out’s of a process millions of organizations around the world do every day. Some do it well, others….don’t...Continue reading

12 FEB 2014  |  Planning: What It Is, Why We Do It, and What "Great" Planning Looks Like


All organizations plan to some extent, but not all planning is performed to the same standard. As the first step in the Flawless ExecutionSM model, and one of the most...Continue reading