16 Reasons You Need FLEX in 2016

05 OCT | 16 Reasons You Need Flawless Execution® in 2016

Not sure if FLEXSM is the right solution for your 2016 missions? Whether your focus is leadership development, increasing agility or simply rallying your team for a lean-in 2016, here are 16 reasons FLEX is your key to a successful 2016...


1. Team motivation could be higher

Has a challenging 2015 mission left your team less-than motivated? Even if you anticipate meeting or exceeding your goals, satisfaction is the architect of complacency. FLEX will put the fire back in your afterburner to transform individual contributors into a high-performing team with a mission-first attitude.


2. You need proactive problem resolution in your teams - 16 Reasons You Need Flawless Execution in 20162. You need proactive problem resolution in your teams

Complex environments create a lot of challenges—and a lot of uncertainty. An increasingly complex business environment requires your teams to lean into problems, identify solutions and take ownership to implement those solutions. Through collaborative planning, structured processes and individually accountable actions, FLEX increases Situational AwarenessSM and accelerates learning to enable decision making under fire.


3. Performance improvement needs to happen in real-time

The only thing better than performance improvement is immediate performance improvement. The structured simplicity of PLAN.BRIEF.EXECUTE.DEBRIEF.SM allows for immediate application of combat-proven techniques to your biggest challenges: stronger plans, better execution and accelerated learning for ROI that reinforces what you already know: improvement is never a wasted investment.


4. 2015 changes could threaten 2016 success - 16 Reasons You Need Flawless Execution in 2016

4. 2015 changes threaten 2016 success

Leadership changes, introductions of new technology and shifts in organizational strategy are only a few challenges that can have year-over-year impact on your team's performance—if you let them. Transform challenges into opportunities by rallying your troops to re-focus, re-align and attack your 2016 missions with renewed vigor.


5. Process of Record? What Process of Record?

Your IT teams use agile methodologies, your supply chain teams use LEAN or Six Sigma and the rest of your company might not follow any structured process at all. This creates an operational challenge where interdependent teams operate with different cadence, lexicons and expertise. Do you need a a universal Process of Record that standardizes basic operational functions and establishes a shared Execution RhythmSM? FLEX provides a universal methodology that complements your current processes and fills the gaps where no processes exist, ultimately unifying large, diverse organizations to achieve shared goals.


6. You see critical opportunities ahead

Every day presents new opportunities and your organization must operate in a manner that allows for strategic pivots to capitalize on those opportunities when they arise. FLEX provides an enterprise framework that supports your organization from top-level strategy development to tactical, frontline execution. It does this by training your leaders at every level to clearly articulate their Leader's Intent and empower their teams to plan to that intended effect. This enables top-level strategy to cascade throughout your organization, establishing line-of-site alignment that drives year-round strategic execution.


7. Organizational Strategy isn't seeing execution - 16 Reasons You Need Flawless Execution in 2016
7. Organizational strategy isn't being executed

Can you articulate how your 2015 Mission Objective supports your company's long-term strategy in 10 seconds or less? Better yet, can you clearly articulate what that long-term strategy is? If you only look to improve execution of strategic initiatives, you may lose the opportunity to address the true root cause of failed execution.

STEALTH DebriefingSM guides your teams through a cause-root-cause assessment to determine gaps in your processes—at any level—and enables the transfer of Lessons Learned to address those challenges prior to the next mission. This establishes a true enterprise approach, aligning tactical execution with strategic objectives and accelerating organizational performance through iterative, scalable operations.


8. Agility isn't your biggest strength

With heightened Situational Awareness, contingency preparation and individually-accountable actions, your teams can mitigate the impact of the "unknown" during mission execution. Achieve this by starting each mission with the Six Steps of Mission PlanningSM, a structured, collaborative planning session that includes a Red Team for additional insight on "what if's" that may affect success. BRIEFing before mission execution will ensure full-team alignment and contingency awareness and regularly scheduled X-GapSM sessions will provide the transparency needed to maintain your Execution RhythmSM regardless of what contingencies occur.


9. Lack of commitment or buy-in from leadership

Lack of commitment or leadership buy-in - 16 Reasons You Need Flawless Execution in 2016A ship without steer is at the mercy of the currents, and your organization is no different. Without aligned commitment to a High Definition DestinationSM, execution will suffer at every level as individuals and teams struggle to align daily efforts with a watered-down strategy.

The Flawless Execution methodology is comprised of three sections—Purpose, Process & Platform—collectively providing the tools your organization needs to align expectations and garner buy-in from top leadership and front-line executors alike.


10. Your leadership development program isn't as effective as it could be (or you don't have one)

Leadership pipelines are considered one of the biggest challenges for organizations today. Last year, only 37% of leaders rated their leadership development programs as "high" or "very high" as they headed into 2015.

FLEX can build or enhance your leadership development program by addressing the mental, emotional and operational aspects of leadership development, building the culture in which development thrives. When your high-potentials have the tools to be more effective, they learn when to lead and when to empower others, creating an organic pipeline of future leaders.


11. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or training programs haven't been audited within the last 12 months

Your teams are only as effective as the procedures and training you have in place. FLEX provides structure and definition to daily operations for increased efficiency, accelerated onboarding and strategic execution.


12. You want to create a Bias to Action in your team

Building your team's Courage to Execute in uncertain circumstances empowers them to address issues sooner and capitalize on opportunities faster. The Six Steps of Mission Planning is a collaborative planning framework, designed to help your teams build stronger, more informed plans they can execute with confidence.


13. A growing team means growing pains

There is a learning curve to effective teamwork, and it begins with understanding how others work and how that relates to your own ways. FLEX accelerates teamwork by creating common ground through shared processes. It also facilitates collaboration between team members to leverage individual experiences and knowledge in mission planning.


14. Change initiatives have a top-down leadership focus

Successful change leadership isn't found in the opportunities sought, the leaders who seek them or even the change itself. Successful change leadership is found in the front line executors who drive strategic execution of those initiatives in their day-to-day operations. FLEX will help your leaders to decentralize control, create line-of-site alignment and empower front-line teams to take ownership of the tactical execution of strategic change initiatives.


15. You have strong individual contributors working in silos - 16 Reasons You Need Flawless Execution in 2016 

15. You have strong individual contributors working in silos

The secret to high-performing teams is an emphasis on "team." Your individual contributors will never be effective if the collective effort of the team does not achieve the mission.

The Flawless Execution methodology provides a shared mental model for effective collaboration.


16. You simply want a team that strives for Flawless Execution

No mission is flawless, but you will only come close if you strive for it. Integrating structured processes into your operations will build a culture of individual accountability, continuous learning and a commitment to team and mission. When you build a team that strives for Flawless Execution, you can redefine excellence in your organization.