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Flawless Execution for Professional and Collegiate Sports Organizations

The men and women professionals at Afterburner have employed the process of Flawless Execution in the most demanding and hostile environments in the world, while flying $30 million dollar aircraft in combat aviation. Over the last 15 years, the Afterburner team of former elite military professionals has been bringing the battle tested process of Flawless Execution to corporate teams across the world and improving the execution level of some of America's best known corporations. Now Afterburner is bringing the performance accelerating practices of Flawless Execution to the playing fields of Professional and Collegiate sports.

The Super Bowl Champion New York Giants recently employed the principles of Flawless Execution to help drive their team to victory at the 2012 Super Bowl. If you are ready to take your organization to the next level by exploring and implementing the principles of Flawless Execution, contact us today and let us introduce you to the most compelling and effective process to accelerate your team's performance.


Afterburner in the Media

One Giant Leap For Manningkind - Sports Illustrated arrow_closed


During the bye week following a 4--2 start, director of player development Charles Way invited fighter pilots from Afterburner Inc., a corporate training company, to address the team about the value of "debriefing" sessions. Pilots returning from missions build trust through sessions in which they sit in a room together, stripped of name and rank; each speaks openly about mistakes he made during the mission. Players also received a copy of a book by one of the pilots, James D. Murphy, the title of which expressed the ultimate goal: Flawless Execution.

Soon Manning and Tuck, respectively, were leading offensive and defensive debriefings the day after games. Coaches were not present. Meetings lasted from 20 minutes to an hour. "I wasn't coaching anybody," Manning says. "I was just coaching myself, looking at what I needed to do better and telling everybody. Then everybody would talk about what they needed to do to improve."

Says linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka, "There was a time there when we needed every single minute of [debriefing]. It wasn't about calling people out. It was an opportunity to see everybody hold themselves accountable. The big part of why we're here is that fingers don't get pointed. These kind of teams don't come along very often."

If accountability and execution characterized New York's undefeated run from 7--7, those qualities were beacons during the Super Bowl. Read More arrow_closed

Practicing Military Precision - The Wall Street Journal arrow_closed


There are team meetings. There are position meetings. And then last Monday, the Giants held a debriefing. Fighter-pilot style.

Like any NFL coach, Tom Coughlin spends his days seeking some sort of an edge for his team. A noted military buff, he's often turned to speakers from the armed forces, and when he heard some time ago about a firm of business process-management consultants who all come from the military ranks, well, he had to hear more.

Fast forward to the Giants' bye week, and two former fighter pilots and a retired Navy Seal were teaching Coughlin's players how military tactics—and the relentless pursuit of the unattainable goal of "flawless execution"—could translate on a football field. Read More arrow_closed

Atlanta Team Helps Giants Catch Fire - Atlanta Business Chronicle arrow_closed


In the middle of the 2011-2012 football season, the New York Giants didn't exactly look like the favorite to be representing the National Football Conference in Super Bowl XLVI. Then they met Atlanta's Jim Murphy and his team from Afterburner Inc., a group of fighter pilots that teaches combat strategy to companies looking to improve.

Perry Fewell, defensive coordinator for the NFC champs, credits the Giants' improvement over the last two months of the season to their work with Afterburner. Read More arrow_closed

Mission Accomplished as Vet Helps Giants - Newsday arrow_closed


When Jim Demarest describes an experience as "awesome'' and "pretty great,'' it carries added weight, given that the guy is a Desert Storm veteran as an Air Force "Top Gun" fighter pilot.

But that was precisely what he was thinking last Sunday as he shared in the Giants' NFC championship -- a victory in which he played an indirect but important role.

Amid the postgame celebration outside Candlestick Park, defensive backs coach Peter Giunta introduced Demarest to his brother by saying: "This is Boots. He really helped our team get to the Super Bowl." Read More arrow_closed

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