About Afterburner's Accelerator Academy

Learn all the fundamentals of mission planning and execution using Flawless Execution disciplines and techniques. The full year subscription includes the Basic Flawless Execution Fundamentals Series of 7 on-demand, topic-centric courses that walk you through the important basics of Flawless Execution as an agile business framework. At the completion of the course, you can take a comprehensive assessment to earn your ‘Wing Qualification’ in Flawless Execution. In addition to the complete course, you gain a full year’s access to micro-learning videos, guides and checklists that help you translate your learning into achieving missions and making strategic progress at a much faster pace.


Flawless ExecutionSM — is a business framework based on the tried and true principles and techniques used by elite military teams to succeed in complex or stressful situations. The Flawless Execution process equips individuals and teams with the tools they need to successfully drive accountability, establish strategic alignment and build mission-first cultures. Accelerator Academy ensures you grasp the important why’s behind the how’s of Flawless Execution’s Plan – Brief – Execute – Debrief agile business methodology.

 Learn all the fundamentals of Flawless Execution and beyond.

 Gain access to 35+ micro learning videos that guide you in bringing Flawless Execution to your team.

 Helpful checklists and guides that ensure you stay on track.

Accelerator Academy allows you to learn-and-do at your own pace, helping you build leadership and team-based habits that accelerate performance and improve business results.


The Flawless Execution Fundamentals Series includes 7 courses

Basic Flawless Execution Course I: Introduction
Duration: 1 hour
Basic Flawless Execution Course I is a five-lesson introduction to Flawless Execution.

Basic Flawless Execution Course II: Plan
Duration1 hour
Gain an understanding of the basic six-step Flawless Execution planning process.

Basic Flawless Execution Course III: Teamstorm
Duration: 1 hour
Learn how to utilize the Teamstorming collaborative techniques with the six-step planning process to create good plans.

Basic Flawless Execution Course IV: Red Team
Duration: 30 minutes
Red Teaming is a simple yet powerful plan improvement technique. Learn how to facilitate a Red Teaming session in this learning module.

Basic Flawless Execution Course V: Brief
Duration: 30 minutes
A Step-by-step overview of how to prepare and conduct a B.R.I.E.F. using to the Flawless Execution methodology.

Basic Flawless Execution Course VI: Execute
Duration: 1 hour
Once a plan has been created and briefed to your team, this course details the many tools and techniques to improve execution.

Basic Flawless Execution Course VII: Debrief
Duration: 1 hour
A mission is not complete until learning occurs through a formal debriefing process. Learn how to debrief to create a culture of continuous improvement.

Basic I Final: Wing Qualification Assessment
Duration: 1 hour
95-question final assessment for the Basic I Course demonstrating completion of “Wing” Qualification.

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$250 USD Annual


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James D. “Murph” Murphy
Founder and CEO of Afterburner, Inc. and the creator of the Flawless Execution methodology. A former U.S. Air Force F-15 Eagle Instructor Pilot. Author of Business is Combat, Flawless Execution, Courage to Execute, and On Time On Target.

William M. Duke
Afterburner Inc. Director of Learning and Development. Co-author of The Debrief Imperative and Down Range with James D. Murphy. Former U.S. Navy ship’s engineer and HR Officer.

Joel “Thor” Neeb
President of Afterburner, Inc. and former U.S. Air Force F-15 Mission Commander.

Tracy “Jackie O” LaTourette
Executive Consultant at Afterburner, Inc. and former U.S. Navy F/A-16 pilot.

Cameron “Chappy” Douglas
MBA Harvard Business School. Executive Consultant at Afterburner, Inc. and former U.S. Navy F/A-18 pilot.

e-Learning Videos

35+ micro-learning videos target specific Flawless Execution skills. Easily access the exact training or refresher videos you need to keep your team aligned and accountable.


Helpful Guides & Checklists

Useful downloadable guides and checklists keep team member engagement high. Pick up the pace of your execution rhythm.