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Accelerating Performance

Our team has a powerful mix of combat experience and professional acumen, with graduates of top business schools and academies who represent a wide range of professional expertise, from surgeons to attorneys. Afterburner uses proven methodologies of elite military professionals working with your team to achieve victory in a rapidly changing business environment.

Jim "Murph" Murphy

Founder & Chairman

Former F-15 Instructor Pilot, USAF

Daniel “FuZZ” Walker

Event Lead

F-22 Mission Commander, USAF

Don "Stryker" Haley

Event Lead

Air Power Strategist/F-15E Evaluator Pilot

Jen “Steel” Johnson

Event Lead

Former F-16 Fighter Pilot

Tracy "JackieO" LaTourrette

Event Lead

Former F-16 Fighter Pilot, USAF

David "Finch" Guenthner

Event Lead

F-16, T-38 Instructor Pilot, USAF

Otis "Hoop" Hooper

Event Lead

Former C-40 VIP Pilot & KC-135R Pilot, USAF

Brandon "Manson" Williams

Event Lead

F-15E Fighter Pilot, T-38

Charles "Chaz" Campbell

Partner, Senior Executive Consultant

Retired Brigadier General, USAF

Chris Gomez

Former U.S. Navy SEAL

Anthony J. "Roby" Roberson

Former F-16 Instructor/Evaluator, USAF

Cameron "Chappy" Douglas

Former F/A-18 Pilot

William "Borneo" Gregory

Retired Lt. Colonel, USAF

Michelle “Sonic” Ruehl

Event Lead

Former MC-12W Mission Commander, T-53 Instructor Pilot, USAF

Amy "Sable" Lewis

F-16 Fighter Pilot

Travis "Bandit" Keenan

F-16 C/M Combat Mission Commander, USAF

Rob Balzano

Former F-16 Pilot, USAF

Robin "FOXC" Witt

Former F-16CM Flight Lead/T-6A Instructor Pilot, USAF

Phillip "Stitch" Vaughn

Special Operations Combat Aviation Advisor AC-208, C-145, B-52, T-38A, and U-28A/Instructor Pilot, USAFR

Todd "Burt" Lancaster

Former Specials Operations Helicopter Pilot, USAF

Austin “Strobes” Hulbert

Former F/A-18 Hornet & Super Hornet Pilot, USN

Alex “Bert” Bertelli

MH-47G Fully Mission Qualified Pilot, USA

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