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Everyone deserves to be part of an elite team. We provide the framework to help you build it.

Here's How We Can Help


Identify where your pain points are and where your team is doing well. The debrief exposes blind spots to the leadership team and validates some existing ideas for strategic initiatives. Debriefs are critical for mapping out the battlespace and way forward with your team and providing every member a voice.


After the debrief, we work with you to prioritize efforts to address identified challenges through a collaborative planning process that culminates in developing campaigns and missions. You can think of these as laser-focused initiatives and projects intended to quickly resolve your teams' stickiest challenges: persistently low employee engagement, stagnant growth, or subpar customer experience.

Execute with Agility

While other consultancies may provide you with a playbook, we go several steps beyond. Fully equipping your team with practical knowledge and guided experience to internalize and promulgate a straightforward approach to assessment, planning, and execution of strategic objectives. We achieve this result through ongoing training, development, and support to and for your team. By the end of an Afterburner engagement, your top performers will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to execute your vision independently and enforce accountability across silos within your organization.

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