Chris "Elroy" Stricklin


Chris “Elroy” Stricklin, Corporate Keynote Speaker
Executive Consultant

Chris “Elroy” Stricklin is a combat-proven Air Force Leader. His unique range of experience combines service as a USAF Thunderbird, multiple N.A.T.O. assignments, White House and DARPA fellowships, and command-experience in the United States Air Force. He brings rich experience in leading, management, negotiations, continuous improvement and positive change as a corporate keynote speaker. In addition, Stricklin’s military tenure includes Pentagon-level management of critical Air Force resources valued at $840B, Stricklin is also a Certified Manager with degrees in Economics, Financial Planning, Strategic Studies and Operational Art and Science.

An acclaimed writer on leadership, he has been recognized as the #1 writer for Switch & Shift, General Leadership, and many other online blogs. He was recently featured in the Military Times article: Leaders Who Tweet, recognized with awards as “Top 10 Business Innovation Posts,” and served the role of Chief Growth Officer driving the fasting growing leadership blog on the web and earning “Top 100 Most Socially-Shared Leadership Blogs of 2014.” He is the author of a negotiation primer published and adopted as required Air Force Pentagon new action officer orientation.

He also is a leadership advisor at multiple non-profits where he helps ensure future employment for the many transitioning US military officers.

Throughout his Air Force career, he has flown combat sorties over both Iraq and Afghanistan and logged more than 50 Ground-Combat convoys throughout Afghanistan. During his time working for N.A.T.O., he lead the effort to defend against terrorism and served as lead American negotiator for a hijacked Turkish Airliner (Flight 1476) which ended safely with the hijacker apologizing to the passengers as he deplaned.

Elroy’s inspiration for writing began with the publication of his first work: Stories Around the Table: Laughter, Wisdom, and Strength in Military Life.