Chris "Gomez" Gomez

former navy seal speaker
Chris “Gomez” Gomez
Executive Consultant, Afterburner
Former U.S. Navy SEAL Speaker

Chris is a decorated former Navy SEAL speaker with twelve years in the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community serving as a medic and SEAL Instructor. During his time in the SEAL Teams, Chris was able to qualify as a Master Training Specialist, HRST Master, Diving Supervisor, Range Safety Officer, Free-fall and static line parachutist, Nationally Registered Paramedic (former), and numerous other NSW qualifications. As a SEAL Instructor, he evaluated, trained, and mentored hundreds of SEALs through a litany of high-risk training. Many of these students have gone on to do amazing things in the Global War on Terror.

Along with his SPECWAR career, Chris also served as a Navy Supply Corps Officer for nearly 9 years, growing his leadership talent further. Known as the MBAs of the Navy, he was able to gain tremendous experience as a Business Financial Manager and Government Acquisition professional.

Recently retired from Military service, Chris is excited to combine his experience from working with the best the military has to offer with his newly minted Master of Business Administration from the University of Texas to produce amazing results for your corporation.