Edward "Botree" Branson

Edward “Botree” Branson
Executive Consultant
F-15 Commander, T-38 Instructor/Evaluator, USAF

Botree is a proven leader, operator and safety expert in some of the world’s most demanding environments.
As an F-15C pilot, Botree was responsible for the protection of national assets in the state of Alaska while operating as an Alert Force Commander under Operation Noble Eagle. This operation was designed for national asset protection in the aftermath of 9/11. Botree has also flown with and tested some of the most cutting edge technology available in the Air Force eventually determining it was ready for use in the rest of the combat air force. Botree has been named Flight Leader of the year at the Air Force Reserve flight training headquarters level as well as numerous other awards in leadership.

Botree has an extensive background in both safety and international operations and relations. As Chief of Safety, he was in charge of the flying safety program for the F-15 while also acting as a lead investigator in numerous safety investigations. Botree is a graduate of the US Air Force safety officer’s course. Botree spent over 5 years directly embedded in an international flying program that included all members of the NATO alliance. In addition, he has worked directly with foreign nations to improve US international relations and further US interests.

As an aviator, Botree is a current and qualified US Air Force Command/Evaluator/Instructor pilot in the T-38 with over 3500 hours of flight time and 18+ years of service. Botree received his Bachelors of Science in Economics for the University of Utah and his master’s degree was obtained in Military Operational Arts and Science and is also a graduate of Air Command and Staff College.

Botree has operated in many of the world’s most demanding environments like the extreme colds in the state of Alaska. During his cold weather operations, he was also directly responsible for procuring cutting edge cold weather gear improving the performance and survivability for US pilots.

As an Afterburner Executive Consultant, Botree has helped create strategic objectives and facilitate alignment in execution for such organizations as Principal Financial Group, Luminex, AstraZeneca, OccuNomix, and the American Bureau of Shipping.