Can you customize content for my group?

Absolutely! We’re highly regarded for our customization and regularly adjust a third of our messaging to specifically address your team’s operational environment, challenges and opportunities.

Our group is international. Will your team be able to ‘tone down’ the USA patriotism?

All our team members are patriots and proud of their service, which includes service for the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Australia and a host of coalition forces. Our messaging isn’t political — it’s about performance and being a member of a team striving for Flawless Execution.

We’re booking on very short notice. Is your team available and can they get up to speed this fast?

With over 50 team members, we’ve never turned down a program and often work on 48 hours notice.

This sounds pretty militaristic. Will this be a little much for my group?

Our backgrounds are military, but Flawless Execution is a military-founded business process. Your team will see and hear stories and experiences about our military service, but the the key messages are about how these experiences apply to your participants’ business.

Are all Afterburner consultants prior military?

Yes, each Afterburner consultant has served in the military and our team represents a wide range of specialties in every branch.

How many clients have you worked with?

To date, more than 1.5 million professionals have participated in an Afterburner program.

What department or function does Flawless Execution support?

The Flawless Execution model is universally applicable, regardless of industry, function or team size.

Where do you hold your programs?

Everywhere! Our consultants deliver programs in office meeting rooms, hotel ballrooms and many other venues around the world.

How do I know what program I need?

Give us a call — our client advisors can help you find out.

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