The first step to winning is describing what victory looks like. Flawless Execution designs the future by establishing a picture of success and how it’s measured. Let Afterburner guide your team through our High-Definition Destination℠ Workshop to create your team’s HDD℠.


What is a High-Definition Destination℠ (HDD℠)?

The HDD℠ trades the ambiguity of traditional mission statements for a clear, compelling description of what the organization wants to be at a future date. Developing an HDD℠ is an organization’s way of designing the future, an intentional means of long-range planning that serves as a guide for future actions and decision-making.

Building an HDD℠

Building an HDD℠ begins with a collaborative Situational Awareness℠ exercise that helps leaders consider the many trends and threats in internal and external environments in order to increase the collective Situational Awareness℠ and identify eminent challenges and opportunities. With this knowledge, leaders define or redefine a clear statement of the organization’s identity, purpose, and principles. With shared Situational Awareness℠, leaders describe their organization’s future in multiple key areas that come together to create a balanced, holistic and highly-defined future state – the design for the organization.

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What Can You Gain From A High-Definition Destination℠ Workshop?

  • Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn
    Your most valuable lessons are gained from your losses. This leadership training seminar offers more than just a how-to manual for getting through difficult times; it offers the most valuable gift of all: Hope.
  • Becoming a Person of Influence
    Leadership is an influence. Whether you are a CEO or an entry-level employee, the influence you cultivate will impact people long after you are gone. Learn to influence the lives of others in a positive way.
  • Leadership Gold
    Smart leaders learn from their own mistakes…Smarter one learns from the success and failures of others. Gaining leadership insight is a lot like mining for gold. This seminar pushes the dirt aside and reveals true nuggets of leadership gold.
  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
    One thing stands between you and success. It isn’t experienced and it isn’t talent. It is the ability to connect with others. By following these six principles of connecting, anyone can learn to be an effective communicator.