Joe Wallace

Joe Wallace
Force Reconnaissance Marine, USMC

Joe “Vaquero” Wallace served in the United States Marines Corps as a Force Reconnaissance Marine for nearly a decade. During his service he conducted multiple combat deployments, as well as Foreign Internal Defense operations in which he trained and lead foreign forces around the world. During his military service Joe received multiple medals and ribbons for successful missions.

During his time in the United States Marines Corps he specialized in a variety of special insertion and extraction techniques to include skydiving, underwater diving, helicopter rope insertion, military skiing, and rockface and urban building climbing. He also specialized in mountaineering techniques and advanced survival training. Joe trained and went on to instruct several special operations tactics at the United States Marines Corps Special Operations Training Group.

After his time in United States Marine Corps Joe worked in marketing for a tourism company in San Diego, CA. While there he pioneered and implemented a cooperative referral system with several other local companies which is still in use in the region today.

Joe currently works on a regional federal task force that combats human trafficking and organized crime. He also is a team leader for a regional SWAT team that specializes in hostage rescue. In recent years Joe has been awarded the Life Saving Medal, Valor Award, and Congressional Unit of Merit Award.

In his free time Joe enjoys backpacking, mountain biking, and rock climbing. He is an avid world traveler having been to over 20 countries. He speaks multiple languages and enjoys stumbling through the learning of new ones each time he travels.