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JOEL “THOR” NEEB is a former F-15 fighter pilot, a published author, the CEO of Afterburner, and a stage IV cancer survivor. 


Navigating an Intentional Life

As a cancer survivor, I experienced something I call Survivor's Obligation. As a survivor, I have an obligation to attempt to live out the dreams I would discuss and listen to in the Chemo room. I have an obligation to the many others that did not make it through their cancer battle. It's my obligation to not just exist after cancer but to live the life we all dreams of. 

What is Survivor's Obligation?

Growing the Survivor's Obligation Community

One of the ways I am living my own survivor's obligation is by sharing my new book, Survivor's Obligation.

A friend and I came together to write Survivor's Obligation so that we may share our stories and inspire YOU to share and live your survivor's obligation each day.  

My co-author and I each resolved to fulfill our survivor’s obligation—a responsibility to live an intentional life—for ourselves and our families, and in honor of those who didn’t get a second chance. 

For the survivor in all of us.


"If" by Rudyard Kipling

It's been my greatest joy to be a father. My oldest son recently turned 13 and it was a bittersweet moment for me. He's becoming more of a man each day and less of the little boy who relied on me for everything. The poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling reminded me of my own childhood and I was inspired to share this poem with my son on his birthday. 

Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was about more than getting out of my comfort zone. For my friends and me it was about raising funds to build schools for girls in Kenya and the hope that these schools would provide.

Pressures of the Deep

Why did we choose to go free diving? 

Because we were afraid of it. 

The pressure of the ocean made me feel peaceful and fulfilled. My deep dive put me in touch with the beauty of my life. 

Callum Eade swimming the English Channel 

Callum Eade became the 1,835th person in human history to swim the English Channel and I had the privilege of joining his support team as he made the 28-mile swim. As a cancer survivor himself, Callum was swimming to raise awareness and funds for cancer research for children with inoperable tumors. Amazing accomplishment, Callum! 

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Inspirational Challenge from Thor

In life, I am happiest when I’m part of an elite team on an inspiring mission.

I was on an elite team as a fighter pilot in the Air Force – one of the most elite teams in the world. I’m on an elite team with an inspiring mission serving as the CEO of Afterburner. I’ve had the pleasure of joining the elite teams created by my friends and peers like Callum Eade and Pat Gelsinger who are on inspiring missions of their own.

My very first elite team, the one that continues to be closest to me and the one I am most proud on, is my family.

Survivor’s Obligation is much more than a book. It’s a commitment I made to myself and my family.

My goal is to build a system and a community for others to share their own Survivor’s Obligation. The post-traumatic growth people experience in their life looks different in every situation. In the book, I take you along my journey so that you may reshape yours.