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At the event, our Keynote Speakers’ Service Areas in Washington, D.C., aim to captivate your audience with relevant, interactive, and engaging content.


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1K+ Google Reviews

1k+ Google Reviews

"Afterburner is a great way of putting structure and framework around processes that businesses should be doing properly, as their normal [business as usual] in the first place"

Patrick Misciagna

General Manager Woolworths

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Leadership Made Simple

Our elite military experience enables us to develop strong, effective leaders in a very short amount of time — all with a proven system for leadership development training in Washington, D.C.

Flawless Sales

Our Executive Consultants in Washington, D.C., are experts at aligning teams and work efforts across diverse groups to create a culture dedicated to Flawless Execution.

The One Team Mindset

We use our experiences and expertise to teach your team to think clearly and creatively, leverage lessons learned and glean insights from others — and ultimately arrive at the right strategy.

Leading through Change

A simple, focused approach to yielding change in organizations, Flawless Execution gives businesses operating in very complex environments the leadership tools they need to excel.

Elevate Collaboration in Washington, D.C.

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Event Process

Customizing Afterburner Experience

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The partnership begins with our team gathering information about your event goals and desired learning objectives. We utilize this information to craft a personalized experience for your audience.

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During the event, our speakers in Washington, D.C., focus on captivating your audience through relevant, interactive, and engaging content.

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“We offer concrete takeaways, such as micro-learning videos and quick reference guides, designed to empower your team in Washington, D.C., to apply the tools effectively for lasting impact.”

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Afterburner Experience

Take A Glimpse

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Meet Our Speakers in Washington, D.C.

Our Elite Speakers

Christian 'Boo' Boucousis professional headsbot - speaker bio

Christian ‘Boo’ Boucousis

Former RAAF Fighter Pilot and Afterburner CEO.

Boo was a RAAF fighter pilot for over a decade and has gone on to run thriving businesses in property development and international humanitarian support.

Michelle "Sonic" Ruehl

Michelle “Sonic” Ruehl

Former MC-12W Mission Commander

Sonic works as a professor of English and Aviation at the US Air Force Academy. She is the founder of the non-profit organization Parwana Leadership Legacy and is an international English teacher.

Jen "Steel" Johnson professional headshot - speaker bio

Jen “Steel” Johnson

Former F-16 Fighter Pilot

Steel works as a youth motivational speaker and is the Founder & CEO of Aviation/Hospitality Co. She is also the recipient of the Wing’s Company Grade Officer of the Year award.

Daniel "FuZZ" Walker

Daniel “FuZZ” Walker

F-22 Raptor Mission Commander

FuZZ has held several leadership roles including Chief of Scheduling Operations, Alaska NORAD Raptor Alert Detachment Commander, and Aircrew Flight Equipment Flight Commander. He is also the author of Letters to Kiowa.

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Event Process

What you will learn

The Flawless Execution (FLEX) loop, embraced by military pilots, carries the promise of reshaping productivity and efficacy across diverse sectors in Washington, D.C., leveraging its simple yet potent framework.



Begin With A 6-step Planning Model To Define Your Mission Objectives.



Locate Simplicity Amongst Complexity And Lead Teams More Effectively.



Stay Focused, Avoid Distractions And Increase Your Situational Awareness.



Encourage Continuous Improvement Through Transparent Debriefing.

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"The Flawless Execution (FLEX) cycle used by military aviators can transform productivity and performance in any industry with one simple model."
Meet our speakers

Our Objective, Your Success

Discover the invaluable insights gained by leading organizations from their events with Afterburner in Washington, D.C.L