Motivational Leadership Speakers

Motivation is an important part of everyday life–in fact, it’s a key element in accomplishing anything, from day to day tasks to larger goals. Motivation is why we get up every morning, and it’s what influences us to make important choices in our lives. When it comes to success in business, motivation is critical. Without motivation, a business cannot thrive. Trained motivational speakers can help businesses and their team members not only stay on track but also reignite their desire to go above and beyond.

Why Attend

Afterburner Motivational Leaders are packed with packed with industry’s top thought leaders, aspiring workforce, and top-level business executives. This is a unique opportunity to learn from military consultants who have coached and consulted with more than 1.5 million business leaders, Fortune 500 businesses and global organizations.


In organizations around the world, high-level strategy tends to be disconnected from daily front-line operations, resulting in disorganized and unfocused execution. This interactive keynote energizes leadership teams and empowers them to cultivate a culture of accelerated learning and accountability.


In Leading Flawless Execution From the Top, Afterburner’s most experienced current and former military leaders teach your executives how to identify powerful strategic activities or critical leverage points they must undertake to achieve their High Definition Destination (HDD). With this course, your leaders will learn a whole new way of thinking.

Offering a Fresh Perspective

The business world is ever-changing. To be successful, companies and teams need to keep up. Adaptation is a crucial skill to have, however, change can be difficult for many people. A motivational speaker can help team members see challenging issues and obstacles in a new light — they’re neutral ground, so to speak, and can help teams see the importance and value of changing viewpoints, processes, and goals.

Sharing Knowledge and Experience

When you select a motivational speaker that fits your business’ needs, you can be confident that they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with team members. A speaker with whom team members can “jive” can have a significant positive impact on their overall morale. By sharing inspiration from their unique life experiences that relate to the goals of the team and business, speakers connect with their audience in a meaningful way. Often, listeners see themselves in the speaker and see what they are capable of and what may be on the horizon for them, giving them the motivation to work hard towards new goals.

Jumpstarting Productivity

All humans have an innate need to know that they are doing a good job. Being confident in your work is one thing, but hearing it from someone else often has a more powerful impact. Team members need to hear that they are a valuable part of the business they are working for and that the work they are doing matters, both on a small and large scale. A motivational speaker can help team members see how what they’re doing fits into the larger picture and can help them feel more positive about their work. When a team’s overall outlook becomes more positive, business productivity almost always experiences a boost.

Proven Methods

Choosing the right motivational speaker for the job is key to success. Inspiring motivation in a team is more than getting up in front of people and telling great stories — it’s about using professional, proven methodologies to ignite and inspire. Choose a motivational speaker with a solid track record and visible expertise to ensure that their impact will be one you can take to the bank.

Execute and Engage

Afterburner is a team of professionals with a wide range of experience, both in and out of military combat. With graduates of top business schools and academies and a wide range of specialties in every branch of the military, you can be confident in supplementing business training or workshops. We’ll help you find a speaker that engages your audience in a powerful way — contact us today for more information at 877-765-5607.