An Inside Look at Our Management Training Program

Recently took on a new leadership role and looking to get your team aligned, bought in, and inspired to execute? You’re in the right place. We’re offering an inside look at the unique, military-inspired methodology behind our team and management training programs. With economic forces impacting businesses in areas from budgets to team dynamics and beyond, it’s a challenging time to take the reins as a new team leader. But Afterburner’s expertise is perfect for moments like these. Keep reading for insights that have helped countless new leaders get their revenue engine roaring – even, and especially, during turbulent times.

Build an Elite Team in a Military-Style Management Training Program

When you’re running a new team, your ability to build trust and strategic alignment ASAP could be the difference between success and failure. In those critical first few months, thinking like a fighter pilot can get you and your team aligned and ready to boost your revenue execution to new heights. This is management training like you’ve never seen it. Learn more in our program overview.

Ready to get your team aligned and ready to execute with a Top Gun Experience?

Afterburner provided a framework on how we can work, and aligned the teams in a way they had never been.

- Global Account Director, VMWare

3 Ways New Leaders Can Strengthen Employee Retention

We can’t tell you how many times a new leader has reached out to Afterburner for help with employee retention issues. If you don’t build trust and strategic alignment across your team in your first few months on the job, you could face substantial attrition by the end of Year One. The good news? By taking a smart, focused approach, you have the power to align and excite your team – and that’s the best way to boost retention. Learn how in our blog post.

team meeting to discuss strategy

Need some help aligning and exciting your team and boosting retention?

Afterburner’s Flawless Execution methodology has created a culture of trust and accountability that has led to superior performance versus the market.

- Co-founder and CEO, Advanced Care Partners

Case Study: From Undeveloped Strategy to 40% Market Share

Greice Murphy had just founded a new company, and a stiff competitive landscape was threatening his success. He needed to get his new team and strategy off the ground – fast. That’s when he discovered a high-energy management training program unlike anything he’d ever seen before. Using the Flawless Execution methodology they learned in the program, his team rapidly got aligned to their strategy and passionate about realizing their vision. The result: 40% market share. Learn more in the case study.

Want to see how your team can achieve the same success as this company?