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The Pursuit of Flawless Execution

Many of our clients are introduced to Afterburner and the Flawless ExecutionSM Cycle at one of our speaking engagements. Our message of the relentless pursuit of Flawless Execution resonates with organizational leaders and gets them thinking about how it could transform their strategic plans and the execution of those plans.  Our team will work side by side with you and your team to offer mission planning and execution support that will bring simplicity and clarity to your strategic vision and execution game.

What Our Customers Say


Rodney Jenny, the Construction Division Manager for Graniterock, shares details about the two-day consulting program Afterburner facilitated for the Graniterock team.


Hope McIntosh, National Sales Director at VMWare, talks about the key takeaways from a day training at the Afterburner headquarters.


Nortek CEO, Bruno Biasiotta, talks about the tools Afterburner provided to combat complexity after one day of training.




Growing your business is like undertaking an elite military mission, the environment is volatile, uncertain chaotic and ambiguous. In just 60 minutes, our elite military professional consultants introduce Flawless Execution to your group using high-energy videos and real life stories relevant to your audience’s day-to-day challenges. You don’t have to choose between entertainment and education, our keynotes deliver an educational lesson wrapped in an entertaining experience that delivers value and immediate ROI. Your team will take away lessons on how to achieve agility, continuous improvement and peak performance in the midst of chaos and task saturation.



Team Building

The Afterburner Day is a half-day interactive training program that exposes your team to the Flawless ExecutionSM Cycle through exciting experiential learning format. The Flawless ExecutionSM Cycle is a simple, scalable and endlessly repeatable process that helps individuals, teams and organizations rapidly adapt to change and improve execution and learning. Participants will utilize their learning in a simulation where each member is assigned a unique role requiring their involvement in order to create a common challenge for their entire team to debrief against. Consequently, the scenario develops teamwork and coordination. At the end of the day, participants will be equipped with tools they can immediately apply in their teams.




Even when you know you’ve nailed your strategic goals, putting your plans into action can result in less than acceptable results. We call this the Execution Gap. It’s what happens in a changing business environment where competitors advance, resources get redirected and priorities change after your goals are set.

Thanks to years of experience coaching and implementing continuous improvement to teams just like your, our consultants are experts at building cohesive teams, defeating groupthink, spurring innovation and developing competitive advantage.


Disciplined Execution

We'll help you build a culture of discipline, accountability and mutual support — guiding your team to uncover gaps early and hold teams accountable. Most importantly, we'll help your team develop a shared model for staying focused and executing.


Aligned Decision-making

Your teams will work side-by-side with Afterburner consultants, who simultaneously teach them to create aligned plans while giving them the tools they need to stay aligned and execute together down the road.


Optimized Learning

In every engagement we do, we make sure the organization — along with the team and the individual — benefit from a continuous-learning loop based on the same debriefing techniques elite military teams use to train and execute rapidly.

Flawless Execution. On-Demand

Accelerator Academy allows you to learn-and-do at your own pace helping you build leadership and team-based habits that accelerate performance and improve business results.

Accelerator Academy ensures each team member grasps the important why’s behind the how’s of Flawless Execution’s Plan – Brief – Execute – Debrief agile business methodology.

► Learn all the fundamentals of Flawless Execution and beyond.

► Gain access to 35+ micro learning videos that guide you in bringing Flawless Execution to your team.

► Helpful checklists and guides that ensure you stay on track.