Missing Your Revenue Targets? Try These Exclusive Team Building Tools.

Looking to build an elite, high-performing team and get your revenue engine roaring again? You’re in the right place. The resources below give you an inside look at Afterburner’s unparalleled expertise and methodology, which corporate teams leverage in team building settings to get aligned, inspired, and ready to execute on their goals with military precision. Turbulence in the business world has caused teams to miss their targets, necessitating strategic pivots and undermining team morale. But with the right guidance, you can turn yesterday’s revenue miss into tomorrow’s direct hit.


Top Gun Experience: Team Building, Fighter Pilot Style

Is your revenue falling short of your target? The journey to revenue growth starts with the Top Gun Experience (TGX), our leading team building event. Read our TGX overview to learn how, through in-person or virtual team building, your organization can develop military-level collaboration and execution skills, strengthen team bonding, and manage strategic pivots as the business world rapidly changes.

Ready to start your journey to elite collaboration and execution with a TGX?

Afterburner came in at a dire time for our company. They got us back on track and moved us beyond where we imagined we could ever be.

- President, Document Strategies, Inc.

Strengthen Accountability and Neutralize Revenue Issues

A central part of corporate team building is creating the right team culture. For teams dealing with revenue issues, that means building a culture around accountability. Making sure everyone knows what they’re expected to contribute, and what projects they own, is key to healthy and effective team development – and to getting on track to hit your revenue target. Learn how to build a culture of accountability in this one-pager.


Need some help building a culture of accountability across your team?

Afterburner provided a framework on how we can work and aligned the teams in a way they had never been.

- Global Account Director, VMWare

Afterburner helps VMware and IBM Go Big to revitalize a critical strategic alliance and deliver 150% of goal

Two large technology companies had built a strong strategic partnership, but were falling short of their revenue goals and needed a boost to turn things around. Learn how they leveraged Afterburner’s corporate team building guidance to develop a common mental model, foster collaboration, strengthen accountability – and go from a revenue miss to tracking toward 150% of their goal.

Want to see how you too can turn yesterday’s missed target into tomorrow’s direct hit?