Afterburner Executives on HLN Weekend Express: Effective Leadership During Crisis


ATLANTA, April 10, 2020 – Afterburner Founder and Chairman Jim “Murph” Murphy and Afterburner CEO Joel “Thor” Neeb have made several appearances in recent weeks on the news program HLN Weekend Express with anchor Susan Hendricks. Murph and Thor are sharing insights into how business leaders can best lead teams in today’s uncertain climate.

Assess, Align, Agility

We’ve been working with teams to utilize what we’re calling “The Three A’s” to create long term success and sustainability for their organizations in the changing business environments that COVID-19 is presenting. Leaders must make honest assessments about their business’ current situation, align their teams to the shifting mission objectives, and quickly act with agility to stay ahead of market fluctuations.

Murph: “We’ve got to quickly assess our teams, our family members, our businesses, customers, and bring them in close. We’re all at a distance right now, with many distractions, but your teams with boots on the ground have insights you need as a leader. Stay close to them and assess how they’re doing in the moment.”

Thor: “Next, we’ve got to align our teams. In a crisis, people want bold, direct leadership: they’re counting on you to tell them how they’ll keep sales going forward, how we’re shifting the business, and, in an exciting way, serve society in our generation’s greatest time of need. Start with a simple plan for the business team and a routine for the family. Give them the direction they crave.”

Murph: “Last, we need to stay agile during execution. So much has changed in the last month. We need to stay agile with our teams and increase focused communication. If you were meeting once a week, change it to once a day. Keep it focused and short: How are we doing? Any new pop-up threats? Pop-up opportunities? And then adjust the plan to stay agile and adapt during this time of immense change.”

What’s Next

Thor: “Communities and companies are reimagining what interaction looks like and how to support one another. Businesses are pivoting and totally reinventing themselves to support the market through our new normal. It’s inspiring, and we’re just getting started.”

Mutual support in an organization is critical, but now is the time for companies to be mutually supporting each other. If you aren’t sure where or how to start combating the disruptions of COVID-19, reach out to us. We can work directly with you and your team to rapidly set goals, manage the chaos, and generate lasting success using our battle-tested processes. 

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