Former F-15 Fighter Pilots Break Flight Speed Record in the HondaJet Elite


Trailblazers! Trading in their corporate suits for their leather flight jackets to set a world speed record has caught the attention of the Business and Aviation world. Afterburner’s Founder & CEO, Jim “Murph” Murphy, will join Jet It’s Founder & CEO, Glenn Gonzales as he attempts to set a new aviation speed record in the HondaJet Elite on Tuesday, February 19, 2019!

Jet It’s Founder & CEO, Glenn Gonzales and Jim “Murph” Murphy are both former F-15 fighter pilots and United States Air Force veterans who have made the successful transition from leading elite military teams to running forward leaning corporate companies. It’s no coincidence that these former elite military fighter pilots turned successful CEO’s are joining forces to set a new aviation speed record.

Jet It combines the most advanced aircraft with the best trained and most experienced pilots. Gonzales asked Murphy to join him in the cockpit for this record-breaking flight from Denver, Colorado to Atlanta, Georgia due to his extensive military background, continued passion for aviation, and constant focus on Flawless Execution.

Afterburner’s Flawless Execution methodology is a simple, scalable framework Afterburner teaches their corporate clients to help them address complexity with simplicity. Whether you’re in the cockpit of a jet or the boardroom of your company, decision-making skills are critical. Murphy and Gonzales learned the critical value of decision-making skills in the zero tolerance for error works of elite military aviation and continue to bring the same rigor and discipline to their respective companies today.

Afterburner is constantly teaching corporate teams how to iterate and scale their successes and will do the same with the team at Jet It. Gonzales and Murphy are like-minded in the way they run their businesses in an aligned, disciplined fashion, much like that of the mindset they have in the cockpit.

“I knew I could trust Murph to put safety first as we attempt to break this speed record. This is nothing new for us. Our military professionals accelerate performance by being on time and on target. At Jet It, the same principle applies to providing exceptional service to our owners, as we support them in conducting business at the speed of business. That’s why we partnered with Afterburner. If you want to be the best, you have to partner with the best.” – Gonzales

“Glenn and his team at Jet It have put together an impressive opportunity in the private and corporate Aviation industry. It’s a privilege to share the cockpit with another former F-15 Eagle Driver. This is going to be an exciting time for both of us and we are excited to see Glenn and Jet It soar.” – Murphy

The HondaJet Elite is just that – Elite. It is the fastest jet in its class and already holds 6 world records. The advanced aeronautic design and engine placement mean the passenger experience is different—better—than any other jet in its class. Pilots love its ergonomically designed cockpit which reduces pilot workload and allows them to experience the joy of flying versus just managing an aircraft.




About Jet It
Jet It is a hybrid ownership model that combines the newest jet aircraft with a rapidly developing marketplace to provide their owners with an affordable, equity-based travel solution. Jet It is the first and only company to make the HondaJet Elite available for fractional ownership, Safety is the top priority for everyone at Jet It as we are always testing and improving our standards to give our clients the best experience possible in using their private jet as a time machine.

About Afterburner
Afterburner’s Flawless Execution methodology is a simple, scalable framework we teach our clients to help them combat complexity in a shared planning and execution model that’s time-tested and proven to break down the barriers that large, diverse teams face — and accelerate results. The Flawless Execution methodology was born and bred in the zero tolerance for error world of elite military aviation.