Survivor’s Obligation Book Launch Event


ATLANTA, October 01, 2019 – Afterburner, Inc. partners with Vestigo to host the Survivor’s Obligation book launch event at Atlanta Tech Village on October 4. The Friday night event was the kick-off for a weekend-long event celebrating the book, Survivor’s Obligation, and the community built by Joel “Thor” Neeb around the key mission, Live The Obligation.

The mission of the book and growing Survivor’s Obligation network is to help others navigate their respective journeys with more intentionality and build a special community in the process. The community and authors view everyone as a survivor and strive to give a voice to all the post-traumatic growth stories we each have.

“Bringing together my closest friends, family, and business leaders to celebrate a mission, inspired by my own journey, that is bigger than myself is special and an opportunity I hope will inspire many more to live their obligation.” Joel “Thor” Neeb

The Live The Obligation community is for those who have turned pain and adversity into tools for Post-Traumatic Growth. Through shared experiences, Thor’s mission is to instill hope and empower others to live their own obligation each day.