Overcome Team Challenges in a Harsh Business Landscape

How will you handle the uncertain and rapidly shifting landscape facing businesses today? Try taking a military mindset. By tapping into the collaboration and communication skills that elite fighter pilot squadrons use to execute under pressure, you can make the necessary pivots to hit your revenue goals in the face of unexpected team challenges - and emerge from the current turbulence stronger than ever. Afterburner’s mission is to empower teams like yours with these critical skills. Keep reading for key insights that will help you apply our winning methodology, build an elite team, and weather whatever challenges economic forces and global conditions throw your way.

Master the Art of the Strategic Pivot

In fighter pilot missions, drastic and unexpected changes to your environment are the norm. Squadrons have two choices: adapt or fail. The same is true for businesses facing today’s economic turbulence. Our blog post has the exclusive tools and tips you need to pivot on strategy seamlessly, so you can keep your team on track through chaotic situations.

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Macroeconomic conditions have impacted our conversations over the last quarter. We’ve had to pivot and sell in a more constrained market.

- Afterburner customer

Today’s Number-1 Team Challenge:
Do More with Less

Headcounts may be shrinking, but sales quotas aren’t. When the business landscape changes and companies tighten their belts, teams need to do more with less. Execution in military combat scenarios requires the ability to get the most out of limited resources – and applying that skill to team challenges in business scenarios is the best way to weather economic instability. Get proven strategies for doing more with less in our new guide.

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We need to be more entrepreneurial, and to work with greater urgency, sharper focus, and more hunger than we’ve shown on sunnier days.

- Afterburner customer

Using Afterburner’s Methods to Close the Quarter Strong

It’s the last month of the quarter. Your Sales team has performed well over the last two months, and now you’ve got plenty of open opportunities on the table to get you to your number. Your mission now is to pull off a one-month sprint to turn pipeline into closed-won revenue – at a time when global conditions are creating team challenges like confusion and low morale. Read our infographic to learn how to do it.

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