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Pursuing Flawless Execution Every Day

Many of our clients are introduced to Afterburner and the Flawless ExecutionSM Cycle at one of our speaking engagements. Leaders hear our message on the relentless pursuit of Flawless Execution and think, “This could transform my organization. How can I bring this approach to my team’s everyday execution?” Our team building Training and Executive Consultants work side by side with you and your team to bring simplicity and clarity to your strategic vision and up your execution game.

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Strategy Execution

We work directly with your team to inject rigor and discipline into your execution process. We’ll help you:

  • Identify your High-Definition Destination
  • Create an aligned plan
  • Set your execution rhythm
  • Turn lessons learned into actionable process improvements

Our planning and execution framework is battle-tested and used by companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 enterprises to small teams.


During a collaborative Mission Planning exercise, your team will get first-hand experience with our continuous improvement framework — which was born in the zero-tolerance-for-error world of military aviation and elite military teams like Navy SEALs. We push teams out of their comfort zones and into the unknown, rapidly changing environment of a fighter pilot. The team will experience:

  • Interactive training that actively engages the whole team
  • Team building scenarios that teach concepts through high-energy, simulations
  • Real tools that inspire action, help employees build meaningful new skills, and deliver ROI when your team returns to work

Led by our team of current and former elite military professionals, our team building seminars range from 3-4 hour half-day programs to 4-6 hour full-day programs — each customized to fit the needs of your group.


Over the course of 20 years, our keynote programs have impacted 1.5+ million professionals and remain unmatched in three key areas:

  • Content customization
  • Cognitive engagement
  • Takeaway value

During the Flawless Execution Keynote, participants are introduced to our Flawless Execution Cycle — a simple, scalable methodology that’s easily learned and adopted yet holistic in its approach to business management.


Our highly-experienced consultants embed with your team and deploy our strategic execution and continuous improvement cycle, Flawless Execution.  This high-energy program of on-going execution support gives your organization immediate ROI and a sustainable framework to achieve its High Definition Destination (HDD).

  • Align teams under one common vision of success
  • Focus on the critical leverage points that create real change
  • Develop an execution cadence that ensures accountability and a bias to action

Companies of all sizes have used our Strategy Execution program to solve mission-critical challenges and transform their organizations into high performing teams.  The Afterburner methodology becomes part of your teams vernacular, creating a lasting impact even after we leave.



Our Solutions

Our clients use our framework as their execution rhythm — allowing them to solve the challenges of a fluctuating, uncertain environment with simple, scalable tools that are as accessible to frontline players as they are transformational to C-suite strategists.


Sales Team Performance

We help your sales team plan more effectively and share best practices across the team and organization to improve their individual and team performance.

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Leadership Development

Leadership development is one of the biggest challenges organizations face today — but it doesn’t have to be. Whatever your corporate leadership development initiatives are, we'll help you build stronger, more effective leaders who build stronger, more effective teams.

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Culture of Execution

Afterburner's methods for achieving executional and organizational discipline can truly separate the leaders from the followers in a volatile market. Plus, our methods aren't just simple, they're easy to apply across teams.

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Change Leadership

Flawless Execution helps reduce the normal friction and drag often associated with organizational change. Our approach is built on the idea that changing an organization's direction requires leadership skills and superior communication tools and methods.

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Strategic Planning

Our techniques help you get the best strategy out of your team by enabling them to think clearly and creatively, leverage lessons learned and glean insights from a specially tapped feedback team. We train leaders on how to stay connected and aligned as the mission is accomplished.

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Continuous Improvement

Many of our clients use Flawless Execution as a process of record, allowing them to bake responsive innovation and agility into their culture. This approach guides strategic and tactical action, delivers improved results with every mission and significantly impacts performance.

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Taking Flawless Execution Personally

Current and former clients in new roles or new jobs reach out every day looking for help building high-performing teams where they are now.  Our clients are leaders who are relentless about following through and fulfilling the promise of their strategic opportunities — after all, their reputations and organizational successes are on the line. That’s where we come in. At its heart, Flawless Execution is a personal journey — for you and for us.