Flawless Execution + your team

Even when you know you’ve nailed your strategic goals, putting your plans into action can result in less than acceptable results. We call this the Execution Gap. It’s what happens in a changing business environment where competitors advance, resources get redirected and priorities change after your goals are set.

So how do you create a forward-leaning team that bridges the Execution Gap and reaches your goals — without getting derailed by the unexpected? Our team building and leadership consultants can equip your team with the Flawless ExecutionSM framework, a business methodology based on the high-performance, rapid learning methods elite military teams use to operate successfully in uncertain environments.

Let Our Team Building Consultants Improve Your Team

Thanks to years of experience coaching and implementing continuous improvement to the Global 2000, our consultants are expert at building cohesive teams, defeating groupthink, spurring innovation and developing competitive advantage.


Disciplined Execution

We'll help you build a culture of discipline, accountability and mutual support — guiding your team to uncover gaps early and hold teams accountable. Most importantly, we'll help your team develop a shared model for staying focused and executing.


Aligned Decision-making

Your teams will work side-by-side with Afterburner consultants, who simultaneously teach them to create aligned plans while giving them the tools they need to stay aligned and execute together down the road.


Optimized Learning

In every engagement we do, we make sure the organization — along with the team and the individual — benefit from a continuous-learning loop based on the same debriefing techniques elite military teams use to train and execute rapidly.

How It Works

Our team leads yours through our strategy building and continuous improvement cycle, Flawless Execution. This high-energy program of workshops gives your organization immediate ROI and a sustainable framework for continuous performance improvement.

Whether you need to build out a strategy or assess post-execution performance, our Executive Consultants work side-by-side with your team to identify the root causes of performance challenges and accelerate performance in a constantly changing environment. Our team building consultants teach your teams to be high performing.

Planning Workshop Find out more about Planning Workshops

Planning Workshop

Mission plans built with elite planning processes

A simple, 4-6 hour workshop based on Afterburner’s Six Steps of Mission PlanningSM.

During this workshop, your team will learn to create stronger plans using our Mission Planning process. They'll work in hands-on, collaborative team sessions to immediately apply our process to an actual project or initiative for your organization.

Participants walk away equipped with a team-developed, action-ready plan and a new planning process that leads to higher execution rates.

Customized for my group 

Organizational Execution Workshop Find out more about OrgEx Workshops

Organizational Execution Workshop

Organizational Execution Is Everything

A 2-day workshop using a highly-focused facilitated approach

This workshop is aimed at answering the four essential questions any leadership team must answer: Who are we? Where are we? Where are we going? How do we get there?

The collaborative planning team uses Effects-Based Thinking to carefully define their High-Definition Destination (HDD) and strategy while developing measurements that drive action toward their HDD in a cascading, three-tiered planning model.

Customized for my group