Experiential Team Building

Not Your Average Corporate Team Building Session

Our experiential learning programs work for events of all sizes – from a dozen people to thousands! This team building exercise energizes teams by putting them through a complex role-playing scenario where they must collaborate as a team to succeed.

It’s about communication, problem-solving, and giving every participant an active role as they go through this fast-paced, active experiential learning.

We Help You Build a High-Performance Team

Our team building and training seminars use a simple, scalable and continuous improvement process we call Flawless ExecutionSM to teach teams how to solve a complex role-playing scenario — and then apply those new skills in real life.

Through interactive experiential-learning scenarios and our world-famous break-out sessions, your team will use tools that inspire action and can be used to drive ROI when they return to work. Having a common goal rallies teams to move forward, and our high-energy, engagement-rich team building training programs provide the spark to ignite momentum.

Improve Execution & Results with Team Building Training

Since growing your business is like undertaking an elite military mission, we use exhilarating and fast-paced programs based on exactly that — aimed at altering the way your team thinks about continuous improvement. We teach teams to solve seemingly insurmountable challenges using the powerful tools of Flawless Execution, structured in a unique “demo then do” format. In addition, our workshops give teams a chance to immediately apply learnings to daily work, thereby increasing the adoption and retention of what they’ve learned.


Break Through Performance Barriers

Learn from the experiences of fighter pilots — who execute missions flawlessly in the most hostile environments — to gain new insights into how to understand and overcome high-performance obstacles.


Bring Home Continuous Improvement

Equip your team with the know-how to apply Flawless Execution, our proprietary continuous improvement process, born in the zero-tolerance-for-error world of military aviation.


Team Building with Built-in ROI

Hammer home the skills learned during your team's Afterburner Day by teaching them to apply them in training — and on the job the very next day.