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Maximize Your Strategic Alliances

Are your most important strategic alliances firing on all cylinders?

Successful strategic alliances can be the fuel that massively accelerates revenue. Unfortunately, 50-70% of all strategic alliances fail. Most often the strategy is right, however, managing the complexity of operationalizing and successfully executing on these critical relationships overwhelms the best-intended stakeholders.

As former members of elite military teams who earned their stripes managing highly complex global alliances, our team is in a unique position to help organizations maximize the ROI of their strategic alliances.

Our Alliance Accelerator, based on our proven Flawless  Execution® methodology enables organizations to:

  • Align around a clearly defined vision of success, or High Definition Destination
  • Establish a Common Mental Model for operationalizing the two disparate groups
  • Create a culture of accountability and trust through transparency and communication
  • Build a rhythm of execution that consistently accelerates the joint team’s ability achieve success

Download product information:   Afterburner Alliance Accelerator Product Sheet

Our Alliance Building Framework

The Alliance Accelerator is customized to address the complex challenges associated with operationalizing high-stakes strategic partnerships. Our inclusive methodology breaks down  cultural barriers and leads to comprehensive and effective plans. Because we embed with your organization throughout the engagement, we are able to keep teams aligned, focused and  accountable, and build the right behavioral patterns to ensure activities are in sync with the desired outcome of the alliance.


Identify what is working and what you need to improve.


Create a shared vision of success for the alliance

Act with Agility

Develop an execution cadence with a bias to action

Accelerate Your Strategic Alliances Today

Let our experts help you align organizations and achieve the desired outcome of the alliance.

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Achieve Expectations

“We never would have gotten here without this process. Afterburner focused us on a common vision and play between the two companies that resulted in achieving 150% of goal.”

– Global Account Director, Global 2000 Software Company

Align Teams

“The Afterburner team helped our companies become more tightly aligned and we now have a solid game plan to attack all core strategic accounts that can benefit from our joint offering.”

– VP Strategic Partnerships, Fortune 100 Enterprise Technology Company