Business Execution

Creating a Culture of Business Execution

In theory business execution sounds simple, but in practice, it’s complicated and often confusing. Our Executive Consultants are masters at creating cultures of business execution, where employees of all kinds can become business leaders known for getting things done. We teach you and your organization to recognize the value of a Culture of Truth versus artificial harmony, and truth will always accelerate performance and business execution in an organization.

Excellence Doesn't Fear the Truth


The Keys to Business Execution Excellence

The biggest challenge that organizations have today is sustaining business execution. This challenge cannot be overcome without having the courage to execute. Often, execution strategies do not address this concept. This is why Afterburner’s Flawless Execution methodology promotes individual courage and a bias towards action. With individual courage to execution, any member of an organization can apply Flawless Execution, which may bring huge value to your team.

In the face of adversity, Flawless Execution gives your organization the structure that allows for you to pause, see clearly, and think clearly. When you give clear, measurable, achievable objectives it allows subordinate leaders to lead their teams to achieve those goals on a daily basis. Incorporating courage to execute, Afterburner focuses your team towards having a culture of truth instead of artificial harmony. Then, your organization can handle open or small team planning in order to accelerate faster. This business execution strategy brings the leadership mentality to make strides in your organization.

Common Roadblocks to a Culture of Business Execution

As organizations grow, creating a Culture of Execution can be increasingly difficult.



When too many people are part of a discussion or a group of people dominate a conversation, Groupthink can occur. When this happens, other members tend to withhold ideas — and those ideas may have been the best solutions.


Breakdown in Communication

Communication breaks down within a team or organization when the leader doesn't effectively communicate his intent. This results in members quickly losing sight of the big picture and operating in silos.


Lacking Bias to Action

Failing to act quickly can be as harmful as making the wrong decision. When a culture lacks a bias to action, it will also fall short on standardized operations that are essential to momentum and business execution.

Nurturing a Culture of Business Execution

Our methods for creating a Culture of Truth are simple, and can be applied across all business execution teams.

Employ TeamStorming

TeamStorming is a strategic method of brainstorming in separate groups that ensures each viewpoint is heard. This unique collaboration method trains every team member to have a leadership mindset that develops more effective plans by leveraging individual experience and insight.

Establish Contingency Planning

Asking "what if" in every scenario enables your team to approach possible threats collaboratively. If and when things go wrong or something unexpected happens, the team can address the problem swiftly during the execution phase.

Foster a Culture of Truth

A Culture of Truth is always better than artificial harmony. Train your team to focus on what's right — not who's right — and you'll be able to transfer lessons learned and enjoy increasingly greater success rates with each iteration.

Provide Mutual Support

High-performing teams exhibit a shared mindfulness that enables individuals to perform at high levels in fast-paced environments. This is known as Mutual Support — and it's a critical part of achieving a culture of Flawless Execution.

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