Strategic Planning Process

A Structured Process to Develop Action Plans

The strategic planning process is about designing the future. It’s about identifying your competitive advantages and then developing them to best position you for success in your market. Your ability to identify and exert influence on a concentrated selection of Critical Leverage Points is key to achieving your objectives and developing a strategy that can withstand first contact with the enemy: your environment.

Want Customized Strategic Account Planning for Your Sales Team?

How it Works

Our expertise lies in getting the best strategy out of your team by helping them think clearly and creatively, leveraging lessons learned and insights from a specially tapped feedback team. We train your team leaders on how to stay connected, communicate clearly and stay aligned as their mission is accomplished.


Focus on Key Priorities

Leaders can be overly ambitious or worse -- fear narrowing the focus. Too many initiatives can result in a lack of sustained, effective action. Cutting scope reduces the number of possible wins and can feel like increasing risk. But cutting scope allows the entire team to focus intensely.


Scale Successes

Even with high performers, you may not reach success if everyone is going in different directions. But when the entire organization moves in one direction, it creates momentum and the ability to achieve your plans. Having a process or record, or a single planning and execution framework, makes it easier to build alignment.


Close Execution Gaps

With normal interruptions and overflowing inboxes, many teams start off with the plan in mind and drift into 'business as usual' territory, realizing too late that they are well behind on their strategic goals and initiatives. Organizational discipline has to be relentlessly pursued. Set a policy to start meetings start on time and measure results every week -- and stick to it.