Build a High Performance Team

Through interactive experiential-learning scenarios and our world-famous break-out sessions, your team will use tools that inspire action and can be used to drive ROI when they return to work. Having a common goal rallies teams to move forward, and our high-energy, engagement-rich programs provide the spark to ignite momentum. Our training seminars use a simple, scalable and continuous improvement process we call Flawless ExecutionSM to teach teams how to solve a complex role-playing scenario — and then apply those new skills in real life.

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Improve Execution & Results with Training

Since growing your business is like undertaking an elite military mission, we use exhilarating and fast-paced programs based on exactly that — aimed at altering the way your team thinks about continuous improvement. We teach teams to solve seemingly insurmountable challenges using the powerful tools of Flawless Execution, structured in a unique “demo then do” format. In addition, our workshops give teams a chance to immediately apply learnings to daily work, thereby increasing the adoption and retention of what they’ve learned.


Break Through Performance Barriers

Learn from the experiences of fighter pilots — who execute missions flawlessly in the most hostile environments — to gain new insights into how to understand and overcome high-performance obstacles.


Bring Home Continuous Improvement

Equip your team with the know-how to apply Flawless Execution, our proprietary continuous improvement process, born in the zero-tolerance-for-error world of military aviation.


Team Building with Built-in ROI

Hammer home the skills learned during your team's Afterburner Day by teaching them to apply them in training — and on the job the very next day.

Get Custom Training For Your Team

Our training programs prepare teams for the challenges and threats of the turbulent business environment. We present challenges that force team members to rely on each other in order to succeed. Customized to fit the needs of your group, our seminars put Afterburner consultants side-by-side with your teams, training them in the processes used by elite military teams to overcome roadblocks to success in business.

Corporate Team Building Find out more about Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building

Start Your Day the Fighter Pilot Way

An experiential learning event where your team is forced out of their comfort zones and into the rapidly changing world of a fighter pilot.

This team-building Mission Planning exercise highlights the impact of effective communication, on-the-spot leadership and full-team collaboration. Like fighter pilots, your teams will be challenged with Task Saturation while planning their mission -- an experience that translates into a new way of addressing Task Saturation in their everyday business environment.

Following the exercise, your teams will learn about — and conduct — a S.T.E.A.L.T.H. DebriefSM, the final step in accelerating performance and learning. Each team will learn to identify and transfer lessons learned so they never make the same mistake twice and improvements are pushed forward.

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Rapid Planning Workshop Find out more about Rapid Planning Workshops

Rapid Planning Workshop

End with a Plan in Hand

Always combined with a keynote address, this 90-minute Rapid Planning Workshop challenges your team to put what they have just learned to work. Your teams will develop individual plans leveraging the Six Steps of Mission PlanningSM with the guidance of our Executive Consultants.

During this workshop, your team will learn to create stronger plans using our Mission Planning framework. The Rapid Planning Workshop teaches participants to develop quick, tactical plans using the same proven planning process used by elite military teams.

When your group leaves, each individual will have a plan that they can begin executing the very next day. But more than just a plan, participants will walk away equipped with a new planning process that enables them to create strong plans quickly for flawless performance in tight time lines.

Customized for my group