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Imagine larger-than-life former fighter pilots in flight suits, Navy SEALs and special ops members, delivering a custom experience to your team. The inspiration they bring and the lessons learned they share — all based on their elite military experience — can catapult your business to success. 

With 20 years’ experience in flight suits and business suits, coaching and consulting with more than 1.7 million business leaders, Fortune 500 businesses, global organizations, Afterburner delivers proven value and ROI to every type of audience.

Your Organization is at the Heart of our Keynotes

From front-line executors or top-level executives to a diverse mix of companies and functions, our team building speakers and leadership speakers address each and every audience member’s desire to learn, improve and succeed.

Every keynote is a unique and memorable experience that balances entertainment and education and leaves attendees wanting more.


What Our Clients Have to Say About Afterburner Keynotes


"This was amazing. It really made me think about how I can rethink how I approach my job ."

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"The presentation was very engaging. Provided a lot of good practical suggestions and techniques to use during the day to day activities of the sales world."

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"A lot of great takeaways to share...extremely engaging"

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"Really interesting session and made extremely relevant to our business"

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Just What You Are Looking For - Both Education & Entertainment

Our keynotes deliver an educational lesson wrapped in an entertaining experience that delivers proven value and immediate ROI. Our consultants share their experiences and lessons learned as elite military team leaders in order to inspire your team to seek excellence and catapult your business to success. In the last 20 years, we've coached and consulted with more than 1.5 million business leaders, Fortune 500 businesses and global organizations.

A Fighter Pilot's Secret to Business Success Find out more about our Keynotes

A Fighter Pilot's Secret to Business Success

Your Program, Your Content

Prior to your program, your lead consultant will work directly with you to understand your company, environment, competitors, culture, objectives and language to completely customize an experience delivered through use-case scenarios of Flawless Execution.

Energy, Motivation & Real-world ROI

In just 60 minutes, our dynamic, high-energy keynote program will inspire your audience to immediately integrate their learnings into their daily work lives — giving them the ability to break down silos, drive accountability and accelerate learning.

Customized for my group 

U.S. Navy SEAL Keynote How to Bring Navy Seal Excitement to your Audience

U.S. Navy SEAL Keynote

Building High-Performing Teams, the Navy SEAL Way

First-hand stories about real-world missions demonstrate how to drive initiative, accountability and achievement — just like U.S. Navy SEALs. Forged by some of the most intensive selection and training processes of any elite military professional in the world, SEALs are a special breed. They often operate silently under the cover of darkness, and are relentlessly committed to individual initiative, personal responsibility and mission accomplishment.

Your Business, Your Team, Your Success

Learn how U.S. Navy SEALs select, train, plan, lead and execute their missions — and the tools and techniques they use to thrive and survive in rapidly changing and hostile environments. Our customers learn to apply these tools to any business situation, anytime, anywhere.

Customized for my group 

Flawless Sales Execution Keynote Learn more about keynotes for a Sales Boost

Flawless Sales Execution Keynote

Sales Performance Improvement: When Failure Isn't an Option

When the economy is great, having a sales team that's less than flawless is tolerable. For most companies though, failure is not an option. So how can a team improve overnight, becoming an optimal sales machine? With Flawless Execution and the type of teamwork used by elite military teams.

Selling in Today's New Normal

The Flawless Sales Keynote trains your sales team how to function as a high-performing team by harnessing the power of Flawless Execution. We share a proven sales planning process that fuels annual sales strategies, weekly account plans and single-sales-call plans of successful sales teams across the globe. Disciplined targeting, planning and adjusting creates a sales team that works together to meet shared goals. Build your sales team the Fighter Pilot way with Flawless Sales Execution.

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Leading Flawless Execution From the Top Keynotes for your High Performers and Leaders

Leading Flawless Execution From the Top

Strategic Leadership Training for Corporate Leaders

In organizations around the world, high-level strategy tends to be disconnected from daily front-line operations, resulting in disorganized and unfocused execution. This interactive keynote energizes leadership teams and empowers them to cultivate a culture of accelerated learning and accountability.

Great Strategies Are Only Valuable When Executed

In Leading Flawless Execution From the Top, Afterburner's most experienced current and former military leaders teach your executives how to identify powerful strategic activities or critical leverage points they must undertake to achieve their High Definition Destination (HDD). With this course, your leaders will learn a whole new way of thinking.

Customized for my group 


We believe growing a business is like undertaking an elite military mission, where the environment is volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous. In just 60 minutes, our elite military professional consultants introduce Flawless Execution to your group using high-energy videos and real life stories relevant to your audience’s day-to-day challenges. They address how to achieve agility, continuous improvement and peak performance in the midst of chaos and task saturation.


Inspiration & Discipline

Through stories and real-life examples, we'll challenge your team to learn serious discipline and coordinated execution. We'll teach them to connect their business challenges with the high-stakes world of elite military “can’t fail” missions.


Simplicity Always Beats Complexity

A fighter pilot learns to make split-second decisions — controlling $30-million machines with 300 dials while traveling in excess of 1200 MPH while pulling 9Gs. This is the ultimate lesson in beating complexity with simplicity, and we use it to teach attendees to focus only on the most essential inputs and actions.


It’s Not Who’s Right, But What’s Right

Afterburner shares how thousands of businesses accelerate growth through a culture of military-inspired nameless, rankless debriefing for rapid organizational learning. This teaches your team to adapt and improve at a higher velocity with astounding results.