Corporate Training + Workshops

Drive accountable action on the right objectives

We help your team plan a road map for success and create disciplined mission plans.

There is often a learning curve to effective teamwork. Overcoming this learning curve begins with equipping the members of your team to contribute in the planning process. Individuals from various departments who had never collaborated amongst each other before find themselves igniting innovative conversation and mixing ideas and processes to cultivate entirely new points of view.

During this workshop, your teams will be exposed to the concept of open planning to drive stronger collaboration and more disciplined plans.

Key Strategic Priorities

Scale Success

Identify Gaps in Execution

What are the key strategic priorities your team is focused on?

After aligning your team to a common vision for success, the lead facilitator will introduce a simple, scalable framework. The key word here is simple. Afterburner will highlight o more than 3-4 practical approaches that will be customized and tied back to your team’s key objectives.

What successes need to be scaled? What behaviors need to be replicated?

What are the largest execution gaps in the business? What mistakes need to be corrected?

This is not another flavor of the week

We are committed to ensuring this is not a flavor of the week or flavor of the month.

Our workshops teach participants to develop quick, tactical plans using the same proven planning process used by elite military teams.

When your group leaves, each individual and team will have a plan that they can begin executing the very next day. But more than just a plan, participants will walk away equipped with a repeatable new planning process that yields long term results.

Client Results

ISU Insurance Agency Network

"The energy that you brought to the group was absolutely fantastic. You were right on the mark and met the needs of our group. You did is you brought more structure to my thought process and more pieces that I could actually take back and use in the organization."

What really impressed me were the examples you gave and your ability to transfer your lessons learned into the business world.

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