7 Ways Teams are Winning RIGHT NOW in the COVID-19 Disruption


Insights from the Frontlines of Companies Who are Winning

What if within 72 hours, you could capture deep insights from across your entire organization to help you make those big, bold strategic decisions you know you need to make right now to position your organization for success post-pandemic?

That’s exactly what the team at Afterburner has been doing with companies over the past seven weeks. In this webinar, Afterburner CEO, Joel “Thor” Neeb, shares stories of success of how companies are using this time to re-imagine themselves, capture market share from their competitors, and position their organizations for greater, long-term success.

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In this Webinar:

Companies are finding ways to win right now despite the COVID crisis. Hear lessons learned from our teams who have been in the trenches with dozens of companies during this crisis, finding ways to rapidly transform their thinking and make well-informed strategic shifts to capture emerging market opportunities and build lasting relationships with their customers.

Learn from our experiences helping companies succeed during the pandemic:

► The top 7 ways we are seeing teams fail during COVID-19.
► Practical examples from the front-lines of organizations that are creating success.
► The 7 things you can do right now to ensure your team’s success through the COVID-crisis.

About the Speaker

Joel “Thor” Neeb

Thor is a former F-15 fighter pilot, a published author, the CEO of Afterburner, and a stage IV cancer survivor. Thor was a member of an elite team as a fighter pilot in the Air Force – one of the most elite teams in the world – and now serves as the leader of an elite team as the CEO of Afterburner. Afterburner is a team of former elite military that has been helping companies to lead through chaos for 24 years.