Reimagine Your Strategic Alliances in 2020


Partnership Success Amidst the Pandemic

Business partnerships are challenging to say the least, with two distinctly different companies trying to come together to solve a single problem, whether that is revenue growth, product expansion or even brand buy-in. But during a pandemic where survival strategies are overriding existing plans and resources are severely constrained, keeping your strategic alliances and partnerships on track is even more challenging. Keeping the two separate companies’ priorities aligned and focused on a common mission amidst the pandemic is of serious concern to many business leaders today.

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In this Webinar:

Afterburner CEO, Joel “Thor” Neeb and World Wide Technology President, Joe Koenig, shared insights from companies who re-alignined their strategic alliances with new-found rigor to ensure revenue expectations remained intact and on track during 2020.

Thor demonstrated how our methodology and presence has helped and continues to help companies by providing a central governing authority for their partnership objectives, create an accountability culture across company lines, establish a rapid execution rhythm, and help both companies create a clear and compelling value exchange.

Your Key Takeaways:

► A framework for successfully executing on the goals of your strategic alliances and partnerships despite the COVID crisis.
► Lessons learned from other companies so you can avoid some of the hidden reasons why many partnerships fail.
► Practical guidance on building a clear and compelling value exchange against a common mental model with a disciplined execution rhythm to ensure you succeed in the second half of 2020.

About the Speakers

Joel “Thor” Neeb

Thor is a former F-15 fighter pilot, a published author, the CEO of Afterburner, and a stage IV cancer survivor. Thor was a member of an elite team as a fighter pilot in the Air Force – one of the most elite teams in the world – and now serves as the leader of an elite team as the CEO of Afterburner. Afterburner is a team of former elite military that has been helping companies to lead through chaos for 24 years.

Joe Koenig

Joe has over 32 years of experience in the information technology industry. As President, he directs and manages all sales, marketing, business operations and professional services. He is responsible for managing relationships with key business partners and customers while setting the overall strategy of the business. Prior to WWT, Joe held various sales, marketing and project management positions with Computer Sciences Corporation. Koenig holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from St. Louis University. Also, Joe currently serves as a Board Member and Chair of Boys Hope Girls Hope and is a member on CEOs Against Cancer – St. Louis (assuming Board Chair role in January 2021).