[Webinar] Prepping for the Strategic Plan


In this month’s webinar, Joel “Thor” Neeb kicks off our 3-part webinar series covering the Planning phase of Flawless Execution.

Below is the full-length webinar recording followed by a brief summary of the presentation.


If you have built out Mission Plans with us in the past, then you know there are many uncontrollable threats that will arise throughout the Execution of your Plan. These threats are what we will build the contingency plans from as the threats become more and more predictable.

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Learn from the Past

Identify what worked and what didn’t by identifying lessons learned. This allows you to avoid repeating mistakes in the future.

Create Leadership Buy-in

This allows for a common shared mental model for what success looks like and how to execute it during the planning session.

“Who are we?”

What is the type of culture you’re going to identify with and the values you’re going to put forward in the strategic plan you have created?

Employ Open Planning

Bring in all the key stakeholders that are a part of the execution phase. Those stakeholders need to be your strategic leaders as well as your middle managers because they the ones who will communicate and implement your plans. Also, include your front-line operaters; the ones who are closest to the problem and closest to the challenge. They will provide the insight and buy-in during execution.

Arrive with a Framework

Come prepared with an outline of the plan to operate as a springboard for the meeting.


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