90-Day Strategic Planning Program

Engage with our 90-Day Strategy Planning Program to formulate relevant strategic objectives and execute against the new plan. Your teams will align to short term goals with measurements of success and establish an improved execution rhythm that will yield sustainable results during a period of constant change.

The Rapid Pace of Change Creating Threats to Your Strategic Plans

Patterns of success have appeared as we continue to live and operate in a world affected by a global pandemic. The most common indicator of these patterns is a willingness to pivot strategic initiatives quickly, but not all teams are finding this to be an easy task. Misalignment and remote operations are proving to be a significant obstacle, and the need for execution strategy support is increasing.

What You Can Expect

The Strategy Planning Program
Our 90-day Strategy Planning program is the solution to your business’ operational disruptions and inability to align in a virtual capacity. This program’s five-phased helps break down communication silos and highlights the critical insights of key stakeholders to optimize your organization’s near-term strategy. We will work with you to prioritize the top two tactical missions that most directly support a future picture of success, and coach your team through the execution of those missions.

Business Growth Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis

Your teams will walk away from this program empowered with Lessons Learned and the knowledge necessary to ensure long-term sustainability and success for your organization despite the unknowns that today’s environment presents.

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Align Your Team and Execute Against your New Strategy Within 90 Days

The team of strategy execution experts at Afterburner has been working closely with dozens of companies since the global pandemic began. We’ve refined our Flawless Execution methodology to help teams navigate these unprecedented times using 90-day, fully immersive, execution strategy support to drive long-term growth and organizational alignment.

The Afterburner 90-Day Strategy Planning Program

Execution Setup

Virtual Debriefs with leaders and stakeholders extract real-time insights from across the organization within the first 24 hours. Insights serve as the foundation. Team alignment with the new, near-term strategy that clearly articulates the desired end-state of the next 90 days. Mission Planning virtual workshop connects every individual’s daily responsibilities with the new vision of success for the next 90 days.

Execution Rhythm Against Mission Plans

Stay Focused. Kick-off each week with a mission review, ensuring teams are clear and aligned on the who’s, doing what, by when for the week. Maintain Situational Awareness. Mid-week “X-Gap” meetings give teams the opportunity to discuss any challenges or pop-up threats that have emerged. Share Lessons Learned. Wrap up each week with each team member sharing real-time lessons learned so you can iterate, adapt, and stay ahead of the rate of change.

Program Debrief

The Mission Team conducts a program debrief to investigate root causes for success and failures during the Execution phase to ensure a positive, lasting impact on the business.

Support throughout the Mission

1:1 Coaching through personalized coaching with the mission leader. Mission Status Tracker gives leaders real-time insights into progress points and bottlenecks. Accelerator Academy access for 12-months to support the team’s adoption of the common mental model that the Strategy Planning program establishes.