[Webinar] The 4 Things Successful Teams Always Do

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Afterburner Team

The 4 Things Successful Teams Always Do

Flawless Execution Webinar Series

Our Flawless Execution methodology is derived from the processes used by Elite Military Teams across the globe. In this webinar, your host Matt “T-Bone” Brady helps you understand the why behind each of the four steps of Flawless Execution – Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief.


Plan – Why is it critical to have each member of the team in person during Planning?

Brief – How do you assure each team member is aligned as you begin the plan Execution?

Execute – How do you identify gaps in Execution throughout the mission?

Debrief – What is the key to a nameless and rankless Debrief?


About the Speaker:

As an Executive Consultant for Afterburner, Matt trains the leaders of global organizations to utilize the same processes and techniques used by elite military teams in the high-stakes environment of combat.

Matt Brady is a retired Army Special Operations officer with over 18 years of operational, strategic, and organizational leadership experience. He’s a West Point graduate, holds a Masters of Philosophy Degree in Military Strategy, and received his MBA from Harvard Business School. He’s also an Executive Consultant at Afterburner, Inc., a veteran owned and operated small business dedicated to helping good companies become great by leveraging the tools and techniques of Flawless Execution.