Team Building Training Program

Team Building Training Program

Imagine it – in just 60 action-packed minutes, you’ll turn your group into mission-oriented, flawlessly executing business people. After an Afterburner team building training program, you will have your team working for the common goals set by you. They will execute your company strategy quickly and effectively. When a team works as one unit, it can do anything.

That’s the power of an Afterburner Leadership Motivational Speaker – helping to improve business performance and management.

Discover each Afterburner team building training program in depth.

  •     Plan. Brief. Execute. Debrief. = Win!: A Fighter Pilot’s Secret to Business Success
  •     Mach 2: High Impact Execution Skills for Busy Executives
  •     The Power of Debriefing: Accelerating Your Team’s Experience
  •     Leading Flawless Execution from the Top
  •     Get your team moving in the same direction with head-snapping speed!

You’re spending a lot of money to get your people all in one place – thinking and moving in the same direction. Our message helps you really make this happen. Team building and team alignment are at the heart of our motivational leadership speaker’s programs. Keeping jets in the air takes a staff of hundreds – coordinating, communicating and executing flawlessly. It takes a mindset to make this happen that many business people don’t have. We help your team get it. Walking away from an Afterburner Leadership Motivational Speaker program, your team will be completely aligned with YOUR goals, ready to take action and improve business performance and management.

You want to create change. Your team resists change. Afterburner motivational speakers programs can help you bridge the gap.

You have a new initiative, new sales goals, or a new product launch. You name it – it’s changed, and change is often painful for leaders and followers alike. In our world, radical change is a fact of life. One minute the skies are blue and the winds are calm. The next minute we are under fire. It takes a different mindset to succeed in a rapidly changing environment – in combat and in your business. Our motivational speaker’s programs will help your team embrace change and learn to thrive and succeed in the middle of it.

Your Business, Your Culture, Your Language – Our Message.

Have your global team learn teamwork from the most successful global team on the planet.

Think about it – how does NATO, for example, execute perfectly-coordinated missions with pilots from many nationalities? They do it using the same Flawless Execution Model our motivational speakers teach at Afterburner – the same model that can help a diverse international team execute perfectly-coordinated missions in their own business environment. With offices in three countries and clients in 18 countries and a diverse staff of our own, we know how to make everyone feel a part of the motivational speaker’s program.

Afterburner motivational speakers programs offer you ROI and a way to improve business performance and management – not just entertainment.

The motivational speaker you hired last year made people laugh and cry, but did he really add value to your team? Did you even remember his speech after 48 hours? At Afterburner, the takeaway value is a big deal for us. If our keynote speakers have not given you skills your team can use next week and next month, then we have failed. Every team building training program we offer will give your team skills that last. Each member of your group will be prepared for anything – every day.

It’s not a “macho” thing – it’s a Flawless Execution thing.

Guys love jets – sort of like NASCAR with wings. But this is only a small piece of what Afterburner is all about. The heart of our keynote address is not about male bravado, jets, or war – it’s about the process men and women Fighter Pilots use to achieve Flawless Execution� and improve business performance. Women find this message as empowering as men. This is especially true when we talk about the nameless, rankless Debrief – a method we use to accelerate our experience by giving everyone a voice in the process.

We can improve the business performance and management of your team in 60 minutes with our incredible motivational speaker’s programs. What other motivational keynote speaker can do that?

If you’re tired of nonproductive speakers and programs that may motivate for an hour or a day but never long term, it’s time you book one of Afterburner’s Team Building Training Program. There are plenty of great corporate comedians, motivational speakers, and celebrities that will wow you for an hour. But how is this going to improve your business performance or management? Is your team going to perform better because of it?

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