Todd "Burt" Lancaster

Todd “Burt” Lancaster
Executive Consultant
FFormer Specials Operations Helicopter Pilot, USAF

A senior leadership, strategy and execution consultant and executive coach, Todd works with C-suite leaders and a wide variety of organizations, including many Fortune 500 Companies, to help individuals, teams and organizations perform at the highest levels. From expert facilitation to long term implementation and performance improvement, Todd coaches and consults for the best companies in the business, such as Afterburner, Franklin Covey and Lean Methods Group amongst several others. He is a proven consultant and coach with unparalleled leadership experience and in-depth expertise who delivers results.

Todd served 24 years in the United States Air Force as a special forces helicopter and jet pilot, retiring as a full colonel. Todd commanded two different flying units and finished his career as one of two coalition pilots flying Russian helicopters to rebuild the Afghan National Army Air Corps in Afghanistan. As senior faculty at the United States Marine Corps University, he taught graduate-level leadership courses to senior military officers and civilian officials.
Todd left the military to become a high school principal and two-time superintendent of public school districts. Within 3 years as a superintendent, Todd received the Colorado Association of Superintendents/Senior Administrators “Excellence in Education” Award.

Dedicated to helping others, Todd left education and applied his experience, education, and skills to executive coaching and leadership development, eventually expanding into improving strategic thinking, strategy development and effective execution at the C level and leadership teams.

Todd’s major accomplishments center around leading, designing and driving strategic organizational change. His leadership improved mission ready rates from 50% to 80% in one year, one of the highest rates in special operations at the time. In education, his strategic leadership and planning resulted in a 5-year improvement plan and more effective use of resources to improve curriculum development and delivery. Throughout his leadership roles, he forged strong teams by developing the leadership and execution capacity in his teams.

A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, and holding two Masters degrees in Curriculum Development as well as Military Art and Science, Todd is currently a doctoral candidate in Human and Organizational Learning at The George Washington University.