ADVANCE Transition Training Program

The leading training program for transitioning veterans

We recognize the commitment, dedication and loyalty of our service men and women — and our Military Transition Seminars are a service to them for their service. Each Military Transition Seminar is a strategic career planning experience designed specifically for exiting veterans and based on the nationally acclaimed veteran transition guide, Down Range. Seminars are created and delivered by veterans who made the successful transition to civilian careers, and they include tactical job search skills that focus on the pathway to a civilian career as opposed to just a job.

Each Military Transition Seminar is part of a larger initiative to help military members think more strategically about their transitions to civilian life well in advance of their separation or retirement dates.

With every seminar and attendee, we use the same planning process we use with top corporations to develop an executable career plan that includes:

  • A personal value proposition
  • Career objectives customized to the veteran’s previous experience
  • A proprietary networking strategy
  • Insight into industries where military leadership skills are in high demand

Let's Talk About Where You Want to Be in Three Years

The Military Transition Seminar provides exiting service members with a transition training curriculum that works. Watch the video for a first-hand look at how the seminar takes transition preparation and career planning to the next level.


“This isn’t just another briefing on what to do after you get out of the Army, it’s a valuable tool to assist in the transition process. I will definitely recommend all of my soldiers to come to your briefings and my first sergeant plans on giving a similar brief to all of his platoon sergeants to brief to their transitioning soldiers.”

— SGT Matthew B.

“[The Military Transition Seminar] was decisively top-notch and very productive. The tools, tips, and advice you’ve armed us with are hands-down mission essential. And to gain all this knowledge from veterans just drives it into the marrow. Awesome.”

— 1SG George P.

“I can’t thank you enough for the invite to attend the seminar yesterday, by far the most insightful 8 hours I have ever had the pleasure of attending…Anyone that has the time (if not make the time) should attend this seminar… Drive, fly or take a bus… may be the single most important day you spend as you plan the next step in your career after the military. I attended the seminar in April and it was by far the best knowledge to help me focus my career search.”

— MAJ Joe K.