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Revolutionize Your Organization with Afterburner’s Business Process Improvement Tools

Afterburner, the global leader in Flawless Execution℠, offers three strategic quality management solutions – Equip, Embed, and Empower, a set of business process improvement principles Fighter Pilots, Navy SEALs, and other elite military professionals that revolutionize the way you look at and do business in today’s fast-paced environment.

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  • Teambuilding Events
  • Keynote Addresses
  • Sales Training
  • Customized Workshops
  • Afterburner Day
  • Black Ops
  • Healthcare
  • Safety

There are teambuilding events, and then there is the immersive action of an Afterburner event. The Afterburner team brings the ‘zero tolerance for error’ world of fighter pilots directly to your meeting. We teach while your team experiences the powerful methodology and strategic quality management processes of Flawless Execution℠. Our motivational events will align your team and focus them on your most important business process improvement initiatives. More importantly, it can accelerate your team's performance and begin building a team that executes flawlessly every day. Through highly unique, motivational keynotes and experiential team building events, Afterburner will Empower your entire organization with Flawless Execution℠!


Training & Consulting

  • Strategic Planning
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Leadership Training
  • FLEX U
  • Flawless Execution℠ Software
  • Healthcare
  • Safety

To win in the new economy, your organization needs to execute every aspect of your business with a high level of precision. But even a great strategic quality management team focused on execution needs to be properly aligned and must execute daily towards a high resolution Future Picture of their company. Through consulting, coaching, on-site workshops and train-the-trainer style courses offered through our Flawless Execution University (FLEX U), your team will be armed with the knowledge and leadership required to reproduce this battle-proven business process improvement methodology. This will create true organizational momentum. Let Afterburner Equip your team with Flawless Execution℠.



  • Human Capital Placement Services
  • Flawless Execution℠ Certification Training
  • Transitioning Military to Business Training

Embed is a strategic human capital placement service for elite military professionals transitioning from military to civilian careers. Individual execution is one thing… organizational execution is everything! No organization in the world understands this more than the highly trained professionals of the U.S. military. Afterburner intensely screens elite former military candidates and provides its forward-looking business process improvement methodologies and tools as well as Flawless Execution℠ certification training, allowing these individuals to provide instant business relevance and strategic quality management solutions for your organization. Embed Flawless Execution℠ into your team with Afterburner Strategic Placement Services.