Bring the Fighter Pilot Mindset into Your Organization

Our powerful and inspiring programs bring real Fighter Pilots into your world to share with you the secrets Fighter Pilots use to win 98% of the time.


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Our Expertise

Aligned & Disciplined Execution

Do you want to execute your strategy more consistently and reliably than your competition?

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Results Driven Sales Teams

Agile organizations grow revenue faster and generate higher profits than the competition.

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Customized Planning

Motivate teams and elevate your strategy by focusing on the critical actions.

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Flawless Leadership

Successful leaders didn't get that way by accident. Learn and apply the habits of great leadership.

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The Debrief

Effectively capture lessons learned to make more informed decisions in the future.

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In-person or Virtual Team Building

Our Top Gun experiences have been refined over 25 years to ensure your event is remembered for years to come. Your team will have fun and learn how to operate like a fighter pilot.


Inspirational Keynotes

High impact and high energy! Our two-pilot keynotes bring the fighter pilot ways of teamwork to your event. We'll help you to inspire action across your organization the fighter pilot way!


Interactive Workshops

Experiential training programs designed to inspire your leaders and their teams to execute flawlessly, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptive problem-solving.


Speakers Bureaus

At the event our speakers focus on captivating your audience through relevant interactive and engaging content.


Experiential Learning

We provide concrete takeaways such as micro-learning videos and quick reference guides so your team can apply the tools for lasting impact.


The "Top Gun" Experience

We create a shared experience for your team - one that is structured, facilitated, and can be delivered to attendees both in-person and virtually.

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Client Review

Afterburner testimonial concept
"Afterburner is a great way of putting structure and framework around processes that businesses should be doing properly, as their normal [business as usual] in the first place"

Patrick Misciagna

General Manager Woolworths

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Motivational and Diverse Keynote Speakers

At Afterburner our biggest passion is transforming events and conferences into electrifying experiences where inspiration, motivation, and fun are guaranteed!

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