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Afterburner has been working directly with dozens of companies during the COVID-19 crisis to help them shift their strategies, align their teams, and successfully navigate through the chaos created by this pandemic.

Hear what Others are Saying about Afterburner

“Afterburner has given us an operational framework to run our business. Flawless Execution is basically our offense and defense of schemes and it has allowed us to adapt in the marketplace.

I don’t think in our wildest dreams we would have thought we would be where we are today. Having Afterburner in and being our partner, really as part of our team, has helped us get to a much better place.”


Jeff Mitchell
VP EUC Sales, VMware

How We're Helping Teams Win Today

Positive Team Feedback

“The feedback from our team regarding the Afterburner Debriefs has been great. They were particularly happy to have their perspectives captured in a formal way. They also felt that the questions were perfect and caused them to think more about the opportunities that are out there for our business. The whole experience was very positive to our team that previously was feeling beaten down and over-challenged in this time of chaos.”

– CEO, $40M aerospace technology company

Identify New Opportunities

“The Virtual Debrief session helped us identify new opportunities that we had never considered. In fact, we even identified the opportunity to use a competitor’s product in a partnership format. That led to a fresh look at our business and even serious consideration for a merger of multiple companies. All of this came from the Debrief, and it is going to completely change our business for the better. Thank you.”

– CEO, $100M global scaffolding company

Immediate Return on Investment

“We recently won a $30M contract with one of our most strategic prospects. Our team was able to apply all of the principles and practices we learned through our work with the Afterburner team, to help bring the deal to close. We are seeing immediate return on our investment from our work together!”

– GM, large teleco technology provider


Plan for Success

“As the global pandemic began to unfold and millions of people moved to a working-from-home model, our organization was suddenly presented with a tremendous opportunity for growth – if we could deliver the right products at the right time. Engaging with the Afterburner team helped us formulate our strategy and align our resources to help us capitalize on this opportunity, while also preparing for the challenges we knew we would face.”

– SVP, $700M technology company

Afterburner Insights

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