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Four Key Items to Include in Your Next Corporate Event

In business, certain things are pretty much universal. Here’s just one example: Whatever industry you’re in, there’s a strong chance your company plans to have a sales kickoff, user conference, team-building session, or other type of corporate event in the next year. A lot goes into…
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Rising to the Challenge with Flawless Leadership

Rising to the Challenge with Flawless Leadership

In the dynamic world of firefighting, leadership is not just about giving orders; it’s about guiding a team through challenges, making split-second decisions, and inspiring others to bring out their best. Recently, I had the privilege of collaborating with the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, engaging…
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Decoding the Three Crucial Leadership Situations

Decoding the 3 Crucial Leadership Situations

Today’s leadership symposium, in collaboration with Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, brings together over a thousand leaders affiliated with the fire services or firefighters. I always dreamed of being a firefighter before shifting my aspirations towards becoming a fighter pilot. In this leadership symposium, our focus…
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4 Questions You Have to Ask When Creating a Strategy

In business, creating a strategy is what makes a difference. But most people don’t actually understand strategy. They understand tactics and confuse it with a strategy. A strategy is a plan to achieve an organization’s Future Picture of success, what we call their High-Definition Destination. That…
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