Flawless Execution

Complexity, meet simplicity.

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The Execution Framework

Volatility. Uncertainty. Complexity. Ambiguity. When you’re battling constant change, simplicity always beats complexity. That’s where we come in. Afterburner’s simple, scalable Flawless ExecutionSM framework helps clients combat complexity in a shared planning and execution model that’s time-tested and proven to break down the barriers that large, diverse teams face — and accelerate results.

Explore the interactive model below to learn how each element of Flawless Execution plays a critical role in helping you achieve performance excellence at the individual, team and organizational level.

The pinnacle of our Flawless Execution model, the Purpose area informs all elements of organizational operations and guides decision-making at every level.


The Flawless Execution CycleTM

This iterative approach to daily operations and strategic execution creates a shared mental model that breaks down silos and communication barriers with simple, scalable processes. It brings day-to-day structure and discipline and ultimately means the difference between success and failure.

This area of the model is the base of your organization. It’s the structure that allows for day-to-day operations, and its health is the biggest determinant in achieving Flawless Execution.

Afterburner leadership

Military Strategy & Execution for Executive Leadership

Success is a fundamental aspect of our lives. From the moment we start dreaming about our future goals, success becomes the benchmark of our accomplishments. However, often, we tend to focus on the big picture, overlooking the value of small wins that lead to significant achievements.

expertise points

Your Challenges. Our Expertise.

Agile Teams

Agile isn’t just for software anymore. Flawless Execution is an agile framework that drives continuous adaptive learning, positively changes businesses.

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Leadership Development

Our elite military experience enables us to develop strong, effective leaders in a very short amount of time — all with a proven system for leadership development training.

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Culture Of Execution

Our Executive Consultants are expert at aligning teams and work efforts across diverse teams to create a culture dedicated to Flawless Execution.

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Continuous Improvement

Improving once isn’t enough. We’ll train you and your teams to leverage the Flawless Execution methodology to proactively and continuously improve across any situation.

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We use our experiences and expertise to teach your team to think clearly and creatively, leverage lessons learned and glean insights from others.

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Change Leadership

A simple, focused approach to yielding change in organizations, Flawless Execution gives businesses operating in complex environments the leadership tools.

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Standing Ovation

“The impact that the Afterburner team building seminar had was incredible. Not only was it the highest rated segment of our annual meetings, but our store managers have begun to apply what they learned on a day-to-day basis. The Afterburner team building seminar received a standing ovation after every one of its programs. This has never happened before.”

The Home Depot


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