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Strengthen collaboration with real jet fighter pilots in your conference room. Discover outstanding team-building activities, keynote presentations, and workshops in vibrant San Diego, CA.


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1K+ Google Reviews

1k+ Google Reviews

"Afterburner is a great way of putting structure and framework around processes that businesses should be doing properly, as their normal [business as usual] in the first place"

Patrick Misciagna

General Manager Woolworths

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An Afterburner Top Gun Event in San Diego, CA

Executive Retreats – Conferences – Planning Days

Escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in the extraordinary with our Top Gun events, promising 100% interaction and engagement with sustained business ROI in San Diego, CA.

Take your team to a whole new level, just like over 5,000 businesses world-wide, and bring the Fighter Pilot methodology into your work, every day! Accelerate your company’s growth by using Fighter Pilot’s 98% accuracy and legendary nameless and rankless Debrief.

With the energy of high-octane music and recently declassified cockpit footage, your team collaborates to plan and execute a mission to “Save The World”, led by our Top Gun pilots.”

Incredible !

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"Boo's presentation for AMEX on FLEX methodology was amazing - he brought humor and charisma and his amazing life experiences to show how we can bring situational awareness to our roles and look to strive to achieve (and debrief!)”
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Top Gun Events

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The Top Gun Experience

Afterburner plunges you and your team into the cockpit for an exhilarating team-building experience, cultivating total team alignment in San Diego, CA.

High-Energy Events

Fast, fun, and high-energy. The Afterburner Top Gun Experience in San Diego, CA, caters to diverse teams and organizations.

Experience Top Gun

Just like the movie Top Gun, you'll have your own Squadrons to send in to "save the day" giving your team a new and unique way to work together.

Your Mission

In San Diego, CA, your teams will take charge of their own Squadron to plan a time-sensitive mission: either to "take out" a competitor's manufacturing plant or undertake a Humanitarian Mission to save the world.

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Top Gun Events in San Diego, CA

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As Google's highest-rated Business Event, world-wide, 4.9/5, you can rely on our team of corporate event experts to energize your next company event.

Our team of Fighter Pilots deliver unique, high-end production for every event.

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Some of the afterburner team building staff
Some of the afterburner team building staff

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At Afterburner in San Diego, CA, our primary focus is on transforming events and conferences into electrifying experiences, where inspiration, motivation, and fun are guaranteed!

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Relax Knowing Afterburner is Google’s Highest-Ranked Events Company

Events & Team Program, Worldwide!


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Work Process

How the Top Gun Event Works

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01. Kick Off

Our team of Fighter Pilots will share insight into their world and align this high-performance message to your organization through our pre-event customization. We can dial up the fun factor or deliver a more L&D focus session depending on your business needs.

Afterburner's team member 'Boo' performing team-building

02. The Debrief

Learn the power of the Debrief, a simple tool that can increase the performance of your team by 400%, after our pilots debrief the results of your mission.

A female fighter pilot leading a team building class

03. The Mission

Each team member will be appointed as a Squadron Commander with your team. Depending on your organization's requirements, we can plan either a combat or humanitarian mission. Every player has a critical role to play. We also have the options to include themes, hats, and a fully-themed room.

Afterburner's team member 'Boo' performing team-building

04. Get To Know The Fighter Pilot World

During and after your event, our Fighter Pilots are keen to engage with you and your team, answering questions about their unique world. Be prepared though, our pilots are just as excited about working with you and will have plenty of questions for you on how your business works too!


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No matter if it’s Exhibition Centers, Six-Star Boutique Resorts, or mining town cafeterias, Afterburner can establish itself anywhere in San Diego, CA—even in an aircraft hangar!

Or we can find the perfect location to suit. Leona recently found a sensational, swanky venue in San Diego, CA looking at the Opera House and saved her clients $1,000s of dollars over what they’d found.

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Did you know that in San Diego, CA, it costs $15 million to train a Fighter Pilot?

Take Their Investment to Your Team

Discover and practice how to work as a team and execute with the same precision and 98% accuracy as elite military Fighter Pilots and Special Ops teams.

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In San Diego, CA, more than 2.1 million colleagues have formed inspired teams, finding enjoyment while aligning their purpose with delivering Flawless Execution.