[Webinar] Take Your Team Building Training to the Next Level


Take Your Team Building Training to the Next Level


In this Webinar

How can you take your already effective team to the next level? Collaboration among a team is common, effective collaboration is not. Don’t allow artificial harmony within your team to take over by not sharing lessons learned from past failures.

In this webinar, we will discuss strategies and techniques to accelerate your team to the next level of success. These strategies and techniques create a culture that is not afraid of failure by enhancing communication and trust among team members.

Topics we will cover:

► Identifying actionable lessons learned (and share them!)
► How you can create a culture that isn’t afraid of failure.
► The most common dysfunction of a successful team and how to prevent it.

About the Speaker

Chris Gomez

Chris Gomez is a decorated former Navy SEAL with twelve years in the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community. As a SEAL Instructor, he evaluated, trained, and mentored hundreds of SEALs through a litany of high-risk training.

As an Associate Partner at Afterburner, Gomez trains the business leaders of Fortune 500 companies within all industries helping their teams achieve strategic objectives and tactical goals through Afterburner’s Flawless ExecutionSM methodology.